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24/07/2013 Mozzo, Lombardy, Italy

  • 103.9km
  • 3,055m
  • 3:24:16
    Moving Time


  1. Peter C.

    Hi Marco. Please watch this video. Think you took some of my California KOM's. no hard feelings. Think you'll enjoy it...quite funny!!! Pietro...


  2. Marco Pinotti

    Peter great video. I agree mostly with it.For the record I normally don't use Strava in races. In California I was asked to do it. And during training I record only when alone and mostly do intervals.

  3. Gabor ".

    Marco I *do* love to see your Strava entries. I think the KOM issue could be solved easily by Strava if there was a filter for "pro" results. It would be nice to see what a pro can do on a segment, however one could turn it off and "race" his/her amateur mates.
    Anyway, keep posting to Strava please. I was just on hols near the lakes Como, Iseo, Garda and will take my bike there next time for sure.

  4. Jeff T.

    Marco, when will we see you riding in the grand tours again?

  5. Peter C.

    Hi Marco as a 49 100 kilo rider I feel humbled to be in such great company. Agreed love watching your rides . You were close to my favorite frame builder & artist the other day Dario Pegoretti. All the best, ciao Peter