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Terry Jones

Over, England, United Kingdom
  • 237
    Activities in 2018
  • 6,400.3
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 152

100% of an Everesting

Ride September 3, 2016
  • 315.6km
  • 8,902m
  • 16:12:42
    Moving Time
  • 9,374
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  1. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    What happened mate....is that correct?

  2. Jeremy OneLung
    Jeremy OneLung

    Looks like it just got wilder and wilder for you out there, Terry. Glad to see a conclusion, TBH.

  3. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Jeremy OneLung let's wait, because he was doing laps according to the segment, not the barometric pressure on the garmin.

  4. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    Yeah, the elevation is wrong, but the Everesting people tell you not to correct it. So it's 250 x 36 meters, I hope. Thanks James and Jeremy!! Food time

  5. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.


  6. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Should be good, I was using my garmin gain not laps. I did 125 when I stopped which was halfway

  7. Jon Summerson 🇬🇧
    Jon Summerson 🇬🇧

    Well done Terry. I would like a detailed description of the hill lol

  8. Jeremy OneLung
    Jeremy OneLung

    Well done Terry you get to feeding, mate! :D

  9. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    We can take you down it with our eyes shut

  10. Jeremy OneLung
    Jeremy OneLung

    Appreciating the use of proper nouns, Terry.

  11. Paolo Falkner
    Paolo Falkner

    100% on suffer score,great achievement Terry.

  12. Ad Mell
    Ad Mell

    so quick.....well done

  13. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    Thanks Jon & Paolo!

  14. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    @Ad Mell - when I did the 20% ride on the same hill about a month ago it took almost exactly 3h, so I figured 15 min for the full thing. But of course didn't know if I could sustain it. But it worked out that I could, along with 5 hours of eating, talking to friends, swearing at the Garmin, etc. :-

  15. Ad Mell
    Ad Mell

    excellent job......huge respect

  16. James Wood
    James Wood

    amazing effort Terry, amazing. But totally insane!!!!

  17. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    BTW, I slowed down on the hill about 2/3rd of the way through as there was a small but obvious pain in the back of my left knee. Then a friend (David) arrived unannounced, riding down the hill in the rain with a huge smile on his face, and did the last 20% or more with me, and I forgot about that small pain :-)

  18. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Terry Jones something popped in the shoulder yesterday evening, everything loosened up. Maybe you was right, lighter gearing would of taken stress off my upper body.

  19. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    Here's David's ride, where he showed up at exactly the right time https://www.strava.com/activities/699544718

  20. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    @James, I'm glad it's ok. I heard you make a grunting sound near the top of one ascent, and thought wow, something is hurting James. I didn't think it could be your legs, but didn't think about it much after that. There's no way I could have done it without a compact and that 11x32 - I probably couldn't have ascended even once on your bike, or on Derek's (54/39 with an 11-25), let alone with Jeremy showed up with (11-21!!) and still managed to get up the hill with. It was nice to meet Phoebe & the girls. If you make another attempt, I'll come help.

  21. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    I might do mere way at the end of Sept. I wont need a 32 or compact for that. Just someone there parked up. It's more reps and short.

  22. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    @James W - thanks!

  23. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    @James B - I'm cycling to Bonn (Germany) on 23/9 and wont return until 8/10.

  24. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Dates noted.

  25. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500
    Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Awesome effort Terry. Spot on, it's easiest for us to just work to reps x segment elevation. It's pretty common for Garmin (or other barometric devices) to be affected by pressure changes. Happy to let you know this ride is now sitting in the www.everesting.cc hall of fame!

  26. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    Oh yeah! Big smile :-)

  27. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Terry Jones I'm going next weekend or weekend after, on my original, going to pop out this week for another look. Otherwise it will be mere way

  28. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    I told Strava to correct the elevation & it now comes out at 8,902. There are still a couple of obviously wrong drop outs in the Strava elevation profile, but no matter. At least they do compute it as greater than 8,848.

  29. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Definitely best going by laps then.

  30. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    @James - yes, for sure. I'm away on an island off the coast of Wales this weekend. The weekend after I'm around, but have the kids. But I could definitely do some helping. The Sunday (during the day) is better than the Saturday, but I'll find/make time either day.

  31. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    I wrote up the whole Everesting experience: http://blogs.fluidinfo.com/terry/2016/09/05/everesting/ Took about as long as doing the ride :-)

  32. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    @Terry, you need to edit my gearing lol page 4 54 and 42 http://www.trainsharpcyclecoaching.co.uk/pdfs/osymetric-faqs.pdf

  33. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    I couldn't get the smaller one....because of the bcd and couldn't go 32 rear, because i would need a new long cage di2 mech.

  34. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    this is the one I'm going to do in Oz, same gearing https://www.strava.com/segments/3167753?filter=overall

  35. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    Thanks James - fixed. I added a bit more about you :-)

  36. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    just looked, hasn't changed.

  37. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    @Terry you do know you don't need to touch the lap button every lap, you can set it to count auto at set location.

  38. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    James - try reloading the page. I see the update fine. I saw the auto lap functionality at some point, I think on or just before the ride. But I didn't know how to set it up, so I did the manual thing. Thanks - next time for sure.

  39. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.


  40. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    James - Thanks!

  41. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    You will see my chosen hill this weekend 375 laps 27m gain

  42. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Terry Jones I'm doing this next summer....Yes the six. http://www.clubcinglesventoux.org/en/

  43. Bruce Bauer ⛰
  44. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    @James - you'll go out and try again this weekend!? I'll miss it (in Wales), but best of luck. I've heard of that Ventoux triple climb. Looks like a proper challenge. I'm thinking of entering the TCR, which seems totally crazy, but it feels crazy not to enter too.

  45. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    @Bruce - thanks :-)

  46. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    No not this weekend, just going to ride it a little

  47. Sarah G.
    Sarah G.

    You crazy person. Have the legs stopped aching yet?

  48. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    @Sarah - yes. It wasn't really extreme, apart from being extremely long. I was going to cycle on Tuesday but decided to let the back of the knee soreness heal itself properly. On Friday I'm going away for 4 days (no bike), so I'll be having an enforced break then too. Everesting was fun, and surprisingly social.

  49. Jeremy OneLung
    Jeremy OneLung

    I am hopeful that The Decimator will look kindly upon these exploits.

  50. Rob J.
    Rob J.

    Just read your TCR post, and followed on to read the Everesting account. What a ride! Well done and best wishes for TCR, I'll keep an eye on your progress.


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