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Tour de Pologne Stage 4. Attack, WIN! WHAAAT? Amazing.

  • 245.8km
  • 1,378m
  • 6:05:33
    Moving Time
  • 125
    Suffer Score


  1. Michael W.
    michael walker

    Just watched the last 2k. That was so sweet!!!

  2. Stephen S.
    Stephen S.


  3. Daniel B.
    Daniel Betteridge

    Awesome win taylor.

  4. Harry J.
    Harry J.

    Fair play lad

  5. Bradley H.
    Bradley Helsel

    Nice job Taylor!!!!!

  6. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Dang! Conratulations!

  7. Fresh F.
    Fresh F.

    Just watched the race highlights. Way to go dude !! Not sure what the polish is for chapeau....

  8. R C.
    R C

    nice moooove :)

  9. Milos B.
    Milos B.

    YOU ARE KING !!!

  10. Crispin H.
    Crispin Hiley

    ANIMAL!.....what gear were you spinning at the end?

  11. Mark K.
    Mark K.

    You the man! Treat yourself to some new shoes!!

  12. Filipe M.
    Filipe M.

    What a finish! Congratulations.

  13. Anton G.
    Anton G.

    bravo bravo bravo ....cryng for you today

  14. Kenneth D.
    kenneth de mey

    sterk ;)

  15. Tom K.
    Tom K.

    Well done. Phenomenal last 8k!! Super win.

  16. Patrick H.
    Patrick Henry

    I second what Danny B said...

  17. Ataualpa R C.
    Ataualpa R Catalan

    Jesus! You almost gave me a heart atack! Monster win! Hats off!

  18. Stephen D.
    Stephen D.

    Good work fella!

  19. Dave B.
    dave boudreau

    awesome job to hold them off

  20. Adam T.
    Adam T.

    Congrats Taylor from Calpe, Spain.

  21. Kay F.
    Kay Freytag

    Von Grats, Great Job!

  22. David M.
    David Munn

    Wow... Taylor that was great.... I was on the edge of my seat, well done.....

  23. Lorenzo S.
    Lorenzo S.

    Good Job!!!

  24. Kirsten D.
    Kirsten Davis

    Awesome and exciting finish!! Huge hat!! :)

  25. Ercüment B.
    Ercüment Boran

    Congratulations. I watched you live on TV. You were amazing last 8 km. I watched with bated breath :)

  26. Johnny H.
    Johnny H.

    Fantastic ride today! Just watched the highlights, awesome win from so far out! :-)

  27. Jon S.
    Jon Sharratt

    Just saw the video...Chapeau!

  28. Paul M.
    Paul M.

    Just saw it. Exciting well done. Deserved!!!

  29. Anthony S.
    Anthony S.

    nice work

  30. Anthony S.
    Anthony S.

    nice work

  31. Vélo Peloton P.
  32. Mark M.
    Mark Monroe


  33. Arnoud D.
    Arnoud D.

    This is how you do it! F&P!

  34. Andrea S.
    Andrea Scascighini

    Complimenti. Sei un grande.

  35. Charlie K.
    Charlie K.

    Floodgates are open.

  36. Jez L.
    jez lloyd

    Awesome effort, well done

  37. Jon M.
    Jon Magistro - Plant Based Athlete

    Dude that was freaking awesome!! - thanks to BMC for posting the video for us to see. Congrats from your stomping grounds of Erie, CO!!

  38. Samuel P.
    Samuel P.

    Top man Excellent - saw it on Eurosport

  39. Jeffrey J.
    Jeffrey Jenkins

    Great work. I was screaming at the computer

  40. Samuel P.
    Samuel P.

    Top man Excellent job

  41. Jeroen V.
    Jeroen Vermeiren

    Nice one Taylor!

  42. Valeriano Z.
    Valeriano Z.


  43. Roberto D.
    Roberto Di Girolamo

    Grande!!!!! :-)

  44. Dave B.
    Dave Brodmann

    That was fantastic. One of the top solo finishes. I was yelling at the computer screen.

  45. Greg W.
    Greg W.

    Amazing! Just saw video of your win. You never looked back?

  46. Montana Bike Hostel R.
    Montana bike Hostel Robert Lucke

    Great Ride Taylor way to go.

  47. James D.
    James DePonte

    Awesome leadout for Thor and now a win. You're on a roll! Chapeau!

  48. Michael B.
    Michael Barry

    That last km seemed to be going in slow motion. Huge well done. Fully deserved. Who needs a lead out anyway when you can hold on for that long ;-)

  49. Luka N.
    Luka Naumovski

    Unbeliveble =-O

  50. Daniel K.
    Daniel Kemp

    Awesome win !!! the belief is there ! sky's the limit !