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5x steep hill reps in manifold valley + threshold cat and fiddle. Nice easy cruise home down long dale the via and a6.

Ride August 9, 2013
  • 125.0km
  • 2,514m
  • 4:29:57
    Moving Time
  • 3,413
  • 192
    Relative Effort
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  1. Joe Clark Coaching

    Got a new love for haripins!! Gun hill = biggest dissapointment of a hill ever! Didn't even realise was on it till half way up.

  2. Professor B.

    you made up for your gun hill disappointment elsewhere it seems

  3. Joe Clark Coaching

    It would appear so.. should probably look at results before I comment..

  4. ©@®Ⓛ ™

    Well Joseph 'the cat' Clark another fine ride and more gold for your mantelpiece, well done buddy, awesome. What did you think to Carr ln?

  5. . P.

    Cat & Fiddle, yeah man. Awesome time. Legend. Agree about Gun Hill, it's toss.

  6. Joe Clark Coaching

    Lol! Carr lane was good I like all the roads round manifold! Done before but carried on straight.. dunno what the big fuss about gun hill is? No view, not long, not really steep.

  7. ©@®Ⓛ ™

    But sir wiggins road it ;-)

  8. . P.

    It reduced Cav to tears!

  9. Alex H.

    Mega ride! Gun hill is like box hill - gives you that "is that it?" feeling

  10. ©@®Ⓛ ™

    So that's decided then, no view, not steep but steep on history, next time joe do some Strava start point research ;-)

  11. Joe Clark Coaching

    Apparently it has max grade of 25%!? Reminded me of pistern hill nr calke

  12. . P.

    Don't get me started on Pistern "hill" pfft

  13. Alex H.

    ^ lol

  14. Joe Clark Coaching

    Pistake hill

  15. Patrick Smart

    your'e a mad one Joe ! :D Nice one