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PB! How the hell did that happen? 11th place, 2:38:30. Feeling unaccountably giggly.

  • 26.1mi
  • 2:38:32
    Moving Time
  • 6:04/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,913


  1. Ruby Woolfe

    What race? Epic stuff!

  2. David A.

    Congratulations! Great running.

  3. Jen S.


  4. Liam O.

    Incredible time!

  5. Neil T.


  6. James T.

    Really well done (but you shouldn't be so surprised last year that time would have I think bagged you 7th).

  7. Ryan snell

    YESSSSSS!! Top notch Charlie and well deserved :)

  8. Kevin O'Holleran

    Boom! Congrats, lots of sweaty miles paying off!

  9. Ben M.

    Bloody hell!:) fantastic mate. One for the oldies!

  10. Charlie Wartnaby

    Thanks everyone! Yorkshire Marathon. HR said I was fine, legs less sure... would either PB or blow up. Was a +ve split but not as bad as official splits will suggest because "half way" mat was at 13.0M I think. Good conditions, few hills but modest. Now having family lunch at pub :-)

  11. Chris Darling

    Wow! Fantastic! Catching my time up!

  12. Matthew S.

    You are a marathon legend. Great stuff.

  13. Karen R.

    Fantastic, well done

  14. Lee T.

    G.E.N.I.U.S. Well done Charlie!

  15. Dan Hurst

    Awesome buddy!!

  16. Richard Lyle

    Have you been training or something? Well done!

  17. Axel Finke

    Awesome! Putting a whole lot of pressure on the Frankfurting crowd!

  18. Jason C.

    Bravo sir, bravo!

  19. Alastair P.

    Chap-eau! Amazing result, similar to how I felt today but a lot better ;-)

  20. Thomas Stevens

    Amazing! Well done Charlie!

  21. Nick O.

    Phenomenal result Charlie - really well done & well deserved. You 45+ vets make me feel thoroughly inadequate!!

  22. Stuart Laud

    Awesome!!!!!! You are the Flash

  23. Charlie Wartnaby

    Cheers guys, and thanks for support in person Jason (I note your billing in the race guide now!). Based on previous results I was sure I would *not* get MV45 (because of a far more talented from Leeds with a habit of showing up) but might get a top-8 UK slot. Wrong on both counts -- he wasn't there I guess -- so I get a lesser (V45) prize in value terms, but that means free entry next year. No letting up! :-) And good luck Frankfurt crew -- you're overdue to take me down...

  24. Craig W.

    Fantastic Charlie!

  25. David Freeman

    Great stuff Charlie, well done!

  26. Ed C.

    Tremendous Charlie, really good work.