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Q's Nguyen

Claremont, CA
  • 6
    Activities in 2018
  • 363.9
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 1157

Oceanside Double~Hot Hot Hot

Ride October 22, 2016
  • 197.2mi
  • 13,969ft
  • 14:38:36
    Moving Time
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  1. Matt E.
    Matt E.

    Holy. Moly. You've not ridden in weeks and you throw that one out there! Chapeau mate!

  2. Q's Nguyen
    Q's Nguyen

    Thanks Matt! It was a hard one today reached up to 108F on the 12.4 miles 5-8% climbs at miles 110 - brutal

  3. Matt E.
    Matt E.

    And there me debating with myself whether to go out for a short one this morning but worried about the cold (45f)!

  4. Mama M.
    Mama M.

    Congrats Q!

  5. Mary P.
    Mary P.

    Great job Q! Woo Hoo!!!!

  6. #deeznutzfosho  Team LVC
    #deeznutzfosho Team LVC

    Wow Q! You're amazing!

  7. Roy A.
    Roy A.

    Congrats Q!!! Hip hep hooray!!!

  8. Lou R.
    Lou R.

    Wow!!!! Nice work!!

  9. Q's Nguyen
    Q's Nguyen

    @ QOP - Cutie - Kitty - Kathy thank you sister!

  10. Q's Nguyen
    Q's Nguyen

    @ Wonder Woman Mary - we missed you. It is great that I get to ride with Andrea on her comeback DC.

  11. Q's Nguyen
    Q's Nguyen

    @ Pumpkin Girl - thank you beautiful :-) - LOL. It was a hard ride brother Mike. Very hot on the climbs and stupid me I forgot my water bottle at the SAG again. My light didn't work the wire broke in side the cable and the harness broke off so I use a stocking (I use it for my ice sock) to tie it to my handle bar.

  12. Q's Nguyen
    Q's Nguyen

    @ Roy - thank you! Hip Hep hooray. One of you SKW brother Mark took a bad spill on the switch back and had to be taken to the hospital. I think he broke a collar bone and saw he was still sitting when they were treating him.

  13. Q's Nguyen
    Q's Nguyen

    @ Queen Lou - thank you! Not riding often my bottle sure sore :-)

  14. Young H.
    Young H.

    GottaLuv DC is good for your training ride. Congratulations on your SAFE finish and no mishap.

  15. K H.
    K H.

    Kudos for the accomplishment!

  16. Duc A.
    Duc A.

    Every soul searching double century is a tedious journey of profound introspection. At some point along the way when lower back aches and neck hurts and butt numbs, doubts creep in as to why you must endure the suffering. Yet, through it all you always would emerge victorious. Your unshakable faith and determination are legendary, Q.

  17. Q's Nguyen
    Q's Nguyen

    @ Brother Young - yes this is a great training ride for me in the heat. Ramping my body up to be ready for another easier century next month. Thank you bro for the words of encouragement!!!

  18. Q's Nguyen
    Q's Nguyen

    @ K Huỳnh - thank you very much brother!

  19. Q's Nguyen
    Q's Nguyen

    @ Mr. Au - reading your comments dissolved some lingering bottom saddle pains this morning. I didn't fought to swallowed shoulder and back pains since I think I have mastered and graduated from kinesiology taping my arms, legs and back via YouTubing which gave me an advantage of physical EPO. I didn't have the doubts doing the hot long climbs like I had last year to never attempt this ride again. Somehow the lure of the director refunding my entry fees to donate the an orphanage give me the mental strength to spin it out. I am a sucker for any carrot dangling in front and will try to get it once I set and go. However, the real rewards is getting accolades - encouragements from friends and my idols like you - makes it all worth while to sneak in a double here :-)

  20. Q's Nguyen
    Q's Nguyen

    @ Matt - Well 45F is consider cold in Southern California. I have to have 3 layers to ride in that weather but most likely I would have taken a rain check at that temperature too. Yes, I am a wimp when it comes to the cold or too hot.

  21. John Silly
    John Silly

    Q's I was just pedaling for dear life. Great Job yourself!!!!!

  22. Q's Nguyen
    Q's Nguyen

    @ John Silly - You sure know how to pedal for dear life. I tried but it doesn't work for me so I la-la just to get the finish credit.


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