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The Bourbon, Coffee, and Steak nutrition plan is working.

  • 87.8km
  • 944m
  • 2:42:45
    Moving Time
  • 2,536


  1. Nardulus S. D.

    Dang son.

  2. A. Pex P.

    as to your diet plan: try that when you are 45, see if it still works.

  3. Nate King

    Ha! Need to fix the Garmin...Forgot to flip on the phone app until the bottom of AFC.

  4. Roger Lynn

    I prefer single malt scotch myself... but the rest sounds good

  5. German M.

    most of been the shoes....lol

  6. Magic Helper

    Bwuahahahahahaha. No charge for the nutrition advice. Add cigarettes when you want to lose weight.

  7. Justin (Dmitri) Healy

    Nice riding with (way behind) you today.

  8. Zach Thomas

    Nations rise and fall with the availability of that triumvirate.

  9. Christian Parrett

    are you ever not on this nutrition plan? I mean I guess I've seen the Rum, Coffee and steak plan. But it's not like you didn't try to get your hands on whiskey whenever you cracked on rum, guarro and club.

  10. Magic Helper

    And there it is,Christian. And I have a 2/3 empty "Nate Raided" bottle of Barrilito (given to me by Marla Streb, no less) as proof that this is no Diet Fad.

  11. Nate King

    I am in tears. Serious tears.