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Skookumchuck-Greenleaf Loop: Postholes and Microspikes

Hike October 30, 2016
  • 11.2mi
  • 4,728ft
  • 4:47:57
    Moving Time
  • 1,667
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  1. Greg L.

    Whoa, can't wait to hear more about that jaunt!

  2. David Penney

    How did ed do?

  3. Doug Jansen

    Haha, not on Ed's list. Think he still "needs" Madison, Adams and Bondcliff. I tried to stir interest earlier in the week... I think he's ridden in similar conditions.

  4. Ed Ting

    Very impressive!

  5. Doug Reid

    Wintry weekend for you and it's still October.

  6. Brandon Ingersoll

    Great hike. Doug check out what Ted King has done recently on his strava feed. He has basically turned it into a blog posting vehicle to chronicle his adventures. Would be very cool to see you try that and bring the HJ blog onto strava...just a suggestion.

  7. Doug Jansen

    Yeah, I thought about it. The problem is, Strava is a terrible medium for that. The feed still has a 1990's message board feel and utility to it. They sit on goldmine of data, yet fail to capitalize on it to its full potential. Search tools suck, the feed doesn't show stuff I want to see, you can only post photos from the phone app, which are very poor resolution. A lot of people aren't interested in Strava either, esp hikers, and it remains cycling-centric. They treat all other activities as 2nd class. Why can't I get a tally of all my activities in one screen, miles, hours, climbing, etc? I have to keep up an excel spreadsheet if I want to see that even though all my data is already in Strava. I got sick of putting data in two places every day, so I did abandon keeping a training log this year. Garmin Adventures attempts to create more of an open social media app for outdoor folks, but it hasn't really caught on. Kind of like betamax vs VHS. The best doesn't always get selected to dominate. It kinda sucks to maintain a blog presence, FB wall and Strava record. Would love to see them all combined in app that would take best of each.

  8. Brandon Ingersoll

    Agree. Strava should be our 1 stop for all that. If they made just a few tweeks, it could work. I suspect the will ....some day.

  9. Paul Spencer

    Alternately, since the data is available.... you can develop apps for Strava to display and organize it as you want. For instance, check out http://veloviewer.com which is fairly impressive.

  10. Doug Jansen

    A while back, Strava pulled the plug on open API access. They now allow API access and limit basis. Why can't Strava offer this type of data analysis directly instead of forcing me to pay a third party to analyze my data on Strava?