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Hike up Rock Roll Peak

  • 10.0mi
  • 4,153ft
  • 3:52:30
    Moving Time
  • 1,618


  1. Erik .

    Love that you're on Strava now so I can better stalk your routes for inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  2. Tom Cox

    Haha thanks. I didn't realize how many people use it. Apparently, if you don't post it on Strava it didn't happen. :)

  3. Erik .

    Yeah, addicting too. I replaced my website with Strava, the site was taking more time to maintain than I wanted and Strava seems to be a better balance.

  4. Erik .

    You should update these activity reports and your Strava profile with your useful http://thegranolachronicles.blogspot.com/ write-up, or g+ write-up, so we can easily reference them. ;-)

  5. Tom Cox

    There is a TR on the blog.

  6. Erik .

    Right, I was just thinking you could link to it here but no worries, I can go hunt down your blog.

  7. Tom Cox

    Oh, gotcha! Done and done. :)