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5 x 1mi @ HM pace. Forgot my HR strap. Boo.

  • 8.8mi
  • 1:13:35
    Moving Time
  • 8:19/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 857


  1. Traci Finley

    nice, Chiara!!

  2. Chiara Gelinas

    Thanks! I wish I hadn't forgotten my HR strap - I would have liked to see how "hard" I worked. It felt like a good amount of work, but HR helps tell the whole story.

  3. Traci Finley

    Ugh!! That would bug me, too. Running by feel has its place in training, too, even if by accident ;-). What's your next big thing?

  4. Chiara Gelinas

    Boston in 14 weeks! Coming up fast.

  5. Sam Felsenfeld

    Gonna grace us with your presence at Beer Works this year?

  6. Chiara Gelinas

    Maybe? Last year I was out in the boonies staying with a friend and also had an extremely cranky toddler who should never have been on a redeye (lesson learned), so it was definitely a no go. I gotta check our reservations - I think we're in Boston proper on Saturday night.

  7. Traci Finley

    Ah, Boston!!! Duh ;-). You're going to rock it!