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Country to Capital

  • 42.4mi
  • 2,736ft
  • 6:06:58
    Moving Time
  • 8:45/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,765


  1. Bryn Jones KOMfuel.co.uk

    Legend. U were looking in good shape fella when passed 60 something KM in ....cracking stuff.

  2. Luke Latimer

    Thanks matey, didn't feel it! The last 20 miles on hard surface in trail shoes, ouch!
    Thanks for popping by, was a great boost for the last push :)

  3. Luke Latimer

    Fuelled by mountain fuel Paul Grundy www.mountainfuel.co.uk :)

  4. Ben Cook

    Nice work Luke! See you in Greenwich for this 10k tomorrow then?

  5. Ben Cook

    Cracking pace as well!

  6. Paul Grundy www.mountainfuel.co.uk

    Top man Mark and cracking run - glad it work out for you...not that is was ever in doubt. Looks like you paced it spot on mate.

  7. Luke Latimer

    Erm let me think Ben Cook ... no frikkin way!
    Thanks Paul Grundy www.mountainfuel.co.uk , bit sore towards the end!

  8. Rebecca Brennan

    Looking cold...

  9. Bryn Jones KOMfuel.co.uk

    No worries Luke. I was getting all emotional just watching all the girls and guys going by....! Top stuff and enjoy your night out.

  10. Phil Lip

    Well done, great effort!

  11. Luke Latimer

    So cold Rebecca Brennan !
    Thanks Phil Lip :)
    I'm on the sauce already Bryn Jones , earned.

  12. Dan Connors

    Not quite as cold as this time last year! Nice one.

  13. Luke Latimer

    Goodness me no Dan Connors, I've been watching the tracker and shivering!

  14. James MacLeod

    Blimey! Nice pace!

  15. Brendan McIlhargey

    Well done great run!

  16. Debbie Martin-Consani

    Well done. Great run

  17. Anand Tze Ming C.

    You continue to amaze me

  18. ʈɦɛ ᴡᴏʟғ 🐺

    Well done !;)

  19. Warwick G.

    Nice one Luke, looked a bit soggy in some of the photos!

  20. Luke Latimer

    Soggy is an understatement! Really enjoyed the first half, lovely frosty trails. The canal was a bit of a trudge though, with painful memories of GUCR haunting me :)

  21. Mark B.

    Good effort Luke. I did that race a few years ago and got lost in a snow blizzard. Ran off course and ended up doing 50 miles. Great pace mate.

  22. Luke Latimer

    Thanks Mark Bissett, was expecting snow but just got rain, at least it was clear.