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3rd stage AToC. Climbing fireworks still has to start! .San Jose, CA

  • 185.2km
  • 2,344m
  • 4:49:26
    Moving Time
  • 6,567
  • 114
    Relative Effort


  1. Chad Goddard

    way to go, love watching you ride! (on tv unfortunately). someday in person!

  2. Rob Kendrick

    Dealing out the KOM's!

  3. Jordan K.

    KOM City. Impressive!

  4. Rich B.

    Hey, you guys took away my Calaveras KOM, but not on the final wall. I was up there watching. Were you guys going hard at the bottom of Calaveras and then let up for the wall? I'm rooting for you to have a few good days in the hills. Welcome to CA.

  5. Steve J.

    Hilarious. I reckon there are plenty of local heroes regretting the day that the tour came to town and stole their KOMs.