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10/01/2013 Stage 1 LIMBC, Leading by 7 min, got lost with 2k to go from finish, rode an extra hour. Yup.

  • 56.0mi
  • 4,158ft
  • 3:46:58
    Moving Time
  • 3,424


  1. George Collier

    ouch - gl next time

  2. Scott M

    Gee those other ladies are gonna feel like suckers when you make up the time and take the lead back by the last stage ;-)

  3. Rebecca Rusch

    Ouch. Sounds like an adventure at the very least. Hone in and make the rest of the days perfect. Lots of time for other people to make mistakes too.

  4. Brandon T. W.

    Aww bummer!! Next time the V is all yours!!

  5. lea davison

    Thanks for the support guys! It ended up working out in the end and I got the overall win! Yes.

  6. Scott M

    HA called it. Nice work.