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Charlotte 10-miler, 1st AG, PR

  • 9.8mi
  • 1:02:26
    Moving Time
  • 6:19/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,228


  1. Shawn Kowsky

    Nice job Man!

  2. Anthony Kuchera

    Nice work!

  3. Ashley N.

    Awesome. Congrats Chas!!

  4. Paul Newnham

    Nice work Chas

  5. Amber W.

    Boom! Great race Chas!!

  6. Richard Floyd

    Awesome man! Super Fast!

  7. Dave Munger

    Woot! Awesome! I don't owe you a beer for this since you already have the beer for this distance. You need to run a 12k and win all the beers!

  8. Chad Champion

    Well done Chas!

  9. Chas Willimon

    Ha! @Dave Munger, how's about we set up a 12k just for that purpose? 30 laps around the track.