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Steepest hike in New Zealand

  • 5.8mi
  • 3,479ft
  • 1:56:45
    Moving Time
  • 20:03/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,251


  1. Russell Ditsworth

    How'd you get so close to that bird! Nice VK+!

  2. Louka _

    Haha we learned that that bird is a kea. They are really smart and hang out at the top of peaks, where hikers pause for a snack while enjoying the view. The kea pick up any scraps and are not shy about trying to get into your backpack in search of trail mix :) The photo doesn't show it, but when they spread their wings, their colorful feathers are dazzling! Also, the trail is so steep that Strava screwed up its moving time estimate :)

  3. Russell Ditsworth

    Haha! Yeah that 4:11 downhill mile split was suspect! I guess the bold nature of the kea explains the close pics, suppose kiwi's view them as a bit of a pest - the majestical pigeon!

  4. Louka _

    LOL I like that-- the majestic pigeon!

  5. Christopher Fagnant

    Dude. The New Zealand tourism bureau ought to be funding your Strava feed. These pics are beautiful.

  6. Christopher Fagnant

    Majestic pigeons 😂😂

  7. Louka _

    LOL! Thanks, Christopher Fagnant!