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A Run to the Border

  • 336.6km
  • 3,545m
  • 9:37:20
    Moving Time
  • 13,529


  1. Jerry Chabot

    Average speed 21.7?!?! Jesus.

  2. Tim Johnson

    I love that the best 1min effort happened on a downhill...Who knew the other 539 minutes weren't as good.

  3. Tim Johnson

    It wasn't slow. There were times when it felt like we were racing and then I looked up front and it was just Teddy. I think he was running from the giant tub of Fluff. No bueno for ProTour guys...

  4. Jerry Chabot

    VAM of 3600 on music mountain climb? Really? Err...

  5. A C.

    Did the rain eff up your baro altimeter? I think there's more vert than that

  6. Michael Webster

    That VAM seems weird then I looked at the climb page and it's a bit messed up: part of the climb shows gradients in excess of 100%. Who was belaying whom? :-)

  7. Mike Bloom

    What was the temperature? This makes the B2B look like child's play.

  8. xXx | Joseph Keays | NPBS |

    The East Coast States are so small. Try a big state like California. HA

    Great work!!!! Very inspiring.

  9. Stephen C.

    Jerry, Alex and Michael. I think because the first person who registered the segment/climb has a funny barometer and altitude reading. Garmin 800 with Topo map installed will give the best reading and strava can sort it out by seeing all rides that goes through the segment. One of the rider will have good gear that read properly :)

  10. Ted King

    No way Tim, you did this ride too? On Tuesday... weird, I was out there doing the same thing. At the exact same time.

  11. Kenneth T.

    wow, that is crazy.

  12. Oleg ★ Descenders

    this is one crazy ride.