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Michael Owen

Pomeroy, Ohio
  • 329
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,782.0
    miles Run in 2018
  • 662

Marathon (50th Year) - 2:38:28 - 1st Place

Run April 9, 2017
  • 26.4mi
  • 2:38:08
    Moving Time
  • 5:59/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,559
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  1. Isaac Gibson
    Isaac Gibson

    Absolute madman

  2. Adriana Navarro
    Adriana Navarro

    Congratulations! Amazing!

  3. Ryan Kaya
    Ryan Kaya

    How did you get over 400 feet of elevation?

  4. Ryan Kaya
    Ryan Kaya

    Oh, and nice run!

  5. Corey C.
    Corey C.


  6. Gordon Gifford
    Gordon Gifford

    Nice negative split!

  7. Daun Lutes
    Daun Lutes

    Huge! Congrats buddy!

  8. Laura Hibbard
    Laura Hibbard

    Congrats! Enjoy your prize money! ;-)

  9. Paul Barte
    Paul Barte

    Way to go, Michael!!!

  10. Paul Barte
    Paul Barte

    Most people don't win marathons at the end of 100+ mile weeks.

  11. Paul Barte
    Paul Barte

    And weren't you a little bored? 26 miles . . . on the bike path!? Even I've never run that much on it in one go. :-)

  12. Hugh Endsley
    Hugh Endsley

    Excellent work!

  13. Jason Rupe
    Jason Rupe

    Awesome...saw ya come across and was just shaking my head in awe!

  14. chris schwirian
    chris schwirian

    Strong work! Congratulations!

  15. Cassie Meek Garland
    Cassie Meek Garland

    Pretty cool watching you cross that line! 🎉🏃🏼

  16. Robin Oxnard Grossman
    Robin Oxnard Grossman

    Oh my. Is there a course record going down in the weeks?!

  17. Robin Oxnard Grossman
    Robin Oxnard Grossman

    Three weeks?!

  18. Michael Owen
    Michael Owen

    Robin Oxnard Grossman that was a special race in 2012. I will have to run special just to attempt

  19. Tim Hibbard
    Tim Hibbard

    Nicely done. You're an amazing machine!!!

  20. Michael Owen
    Michael Owen

    Ryan Kaya check again.

  21. Michael Owen
    Michael Owen


  22. Ryan Kaya
    Ryan Kaya

    Michael Owen, did it correct itself? I swear it said 443 at one point.

  23. Michael Owen
    Michael Owen

    I corrected. There is an "elevation correction" feature.

  24. Michael Owen
    Michael Owen

    Ryan Kaya look at Cooper's marathon elevation.

  25. Robin Oxnard Grossman
    Robin Oxnard Grossman

    I'll have to hear how it goes down since I'll be out on the course about twice as long as you. 😃

  26. Earl The Pearl
    Earl The Pearl

    Very impressive effort. I kept trying to find you today and every time I went to a station they said you had already gone by.

  27. Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis



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