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London Marathon, 17 minute pb - I'll take it

  • 42.6km
  • 3:34:49
    Moving Time
  • 5:02/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,907


  1. dan bowers

    Well done Neil. Great time. I was near Deptford but didn't see you. Now rest :-)

  2. Clare Griffiths

    Well done Neil, stonking result!

  3. Ross G.

    Great time! Well done Neil.

  4. Eric Glover

    Great run!

  5. Annie B

    Super time Neil. We saw you at mile 16 looking composed as ever.

  6. Kev C.

    17 minute PB. Dam right youll take it! Congratz

  7. Adele Prince

    Super PB Neil, well run!

  8. Paul Crompton

    Heaven 17

  9. Jacqueline Francis

    Saw you whizz by at Island Gardens. Well done!

  10. John Barron

    Congratulations Neil on your PB. Well done. I caught sight of you just after you passed but it was too late by then for you to hear me.

  11. Tim Sharp

    Superb run. Well done.

  12. Lisa P.

    Super stuff, Neil, no wonder you were smiling so much when I saw you at Westminster! Delighted for you, well done.

  13. Adrian Dracup

    Legend! Such a good run. Sorry I missed you on the course.

  14. Alan C.

    Neil that's a superb time. And a 2 mile PB, yes your previous self was 2+ miles behind when you finished today!.

  15. Robert T.

    Great running Neil. Just missed you at Limehouse

  16. Neil Gordon-Orr

    Thanks all, was a bit frustrated at not maintaining sub 3:30 pace after mile 16 but shouldn't complain!

  17. Nic R.

    Well done and actually Strava says we run 26.5.....