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Ian Sharman

Bend, Oregon
  • 296
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,391.9
    miles Run in 2018
  • 6802

Mt Charleston Marathon - 1st, CR and way quicker than I've ever run (2:21:34)

Run April 29, 2017
  • 26.3mi
  • 2:21:39
    Moving Time
  • 5:22/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,018
  • 393
    Relative Effort
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  1. Kim Wrinkle
    Kim Wrinkle

    Wow! 😀👍

  2. Dwight R.
    Dwight R.


  3. Athreya C.
    Athreya C.

    Super! Congratulations!

  4. Brett L.
    Brett L.

    Nailed it!!! Way to to Ian!

  5. Robert Harris
    Robert Harris


  6. Joe Mitchell
    Joe Mitchell


  7. Carlos Yuriar
    Carlos Yuriar

    You were flying !

  8. Devon Yanko
    Devon Yanko

    Holy crap! Congrats!

  9. Paul Lopez
    Paul Lopez

    Alright, no more for you. Let's the others play too.

  10. Jay Lee
    Jay Lee

    😱😱 great run!!

  11. Russell Ditsworth
    Russell Ditsworth

    Clearly well trained on those downs, congrats! I'm sure it's not as "easy" as you made that look.

  12. Paul Cook
    Paul Cook


  13. Joshua H.
    Joshua H.


  14. Kylo Flumer
    Kylo Flumer

    Weight vest? Good work Ian!

  15. Matt Palilla
    Matt Palilla

    Dude, you crushed it! Nice work!

  16. Paul Higgins
    Paul Higgins

    Fantastic Ian. Well done!!

  17. Paul Nesbitt
    Paul Nesbitt

    Holy crap!!

  18. David Johnson
    David Johnson

    Wow! And you thought 2:25 would have been a challenge. Must have been a good day. Congrats!

  19. Taylor Farnsworth
    Taylor Farnsworth

    Amazing! Imagine what you could do without a hampered buildup!

  20. Dion D.
    Dion D.

    Crushed it!! I'm buying a weight vest today!😜

  21. Jonathan Schumacher
    Jonathan Schumacher

    Well done!

  22. Steve Roach
    Steve Roach

    Very solid!! Congrats!

  23. Larry Neumann
    Larry Neumann

    Incredible! Just needed the right course! 11 minute PR if I remember correctly?

  24. Jason C.
    Jason C.

    That's a HELL of a race profile..ALL DOWN HILL!! SWEET !!!!

  25. Zack Willis
    Zack Willis

    Amazing work. Need to sign up for this one next year!

  26. Ian Sharman
    Ian Sharman

    Thanks, everyone. Definitely the fastest course I've ever run. Good weather too - not hot and the wind was mainly a cross wind then mainly a tailwind for the final 6 miles.

  27. Natalia M.
    Natalia M.


  28. Richard Zvolanek 🇸🇰 "Fruit Power"
    Richard Zvolanek 🇸🇰 "Fruit Power"

    Downhill marathon? 😂

  29. Ronnie Delzer
    Ronnie Delzer

    Ridiculous! Congrats!!!

  30. Amy C.
    Amy C.

    Amazeballs, Ian!! Congrats!

  31. Eoin Craigie
    Eoin Craigie

    Incredible! Congrats Ian

  32. Julia M.
    Julia M.

    Holy cow! Great performance!!

  33. Steve Connelly
    Steve Connelly

    Wow! Congrats! (And congrats to the weight vest)

  34. Patrick Reagan
    Patrick Reagan

    Nice running Ian!

  35. Dany Schimpf
    Dany Schimpf

    Wow! Are you going to defend the title this year?

  36. Dany Schimpf
    Dany Schimpf

    I'm coming to race this weekend so watch out! Lol


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