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To the Mike Hall memorial with Chris

  • 280.4km
  • 2,316m
  • 11:24:58
    Moving Time
  • 5,490
  • 180
    Relative Effort


  1. Ghost D.

    Another well earned breakfast, super ride Terry.

  2. Andy F.

    Your just nuts Terry 😂

  3. Terry Jones

    @Ghost - the breakfast was massive! See the pics? @Andy - it was almost all just taking it easy, with a few hilly bits.

  4. Ghost D.

    Looks like a lovely ride, I think this would be an ideal route for getting up to Durham. Did you get the train home ? Breakfast looks delicious!

  5. Terry Jones

    Yes, train home from Leeds. The route was made by Martian (from London) who says he loves A roads. There were some long sections that were on A roads with very fast traffic, sometimes not much shoulder, and definitely more stressful than less busy roads. E.g., the A612 up to Doncaster. We took that route as we planned to meet the London guys, but they were delayed so we went on ahead. I can make a more peaceful Durham route. Chris' breakfast was the biggest I've ever seen.

  6. Ghost D.

    In the interests of survivabilty I think avoiding A roads is a good idea. The high mileage is enough to contend with. In my mind, the extra burden of imminent death is a bridge too far. Peaceful sounds great! I'm going to sleep, hopefully speak with you soon.