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All the Paved County Roads (also some paths and other shortcuts)

  • 91.5mi
  • 7,175ft
  • 6:34:45
    Moving Time
  • 3,098


  1. Andrew M.

    Wow that's a lot of riding

  2. CedarBough Saeji (서이지)

    My body thinks so. I honestly didn't think there would be that much. I'd always wanted to try it, though. Trying hard not to double back except when necessary... but that meant a lot of dead end roads, and those are always DOWNHILL, so then you hit the end and turn 100% around for a climb. Also, really really rough chipseal on much of the roads. My hands are so pissed at me.

  3. CedarBough Saeji (서이지)

    https://www.relive.cc/view/968387233 sorry, no pretty photos

  4. Dasz Haagen

    Wow, that is epic on so many levels. You're the bike version of google street view :)

  5. CedarBough Saeji (서이지)

    well, now i know FOR SURE that there aren't any paved roads I haven't ridden on on my island.... actually I discovered two that had their paved sections extended (sadly, I was getting too tired to be happy about that)

  6. Clayton K.

    Wow, what an interesting concept for a ride!

  7. [Dom]Karsten P.

    That's look interesting!

  8. Philip M.

    Wow, you covered the entire island!

  9. Spiros Analytis Ⓥ

    Well that about covers Lopez Island.

  10. CedarBough Saeji (서이지)

    ummmm, yep, that was the idea!