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All the Paved County Roads (also some paths and other shortcuts)

  • 91.5mi
  • 7,175ft
  • 6:34:45
    Moving Time
  • 3,098


  1. Andrew M.
    Andrew Mar

    Wow that's a lot of riding

  2. Cedar Bough  S.
    CedarBough Saeji (서이지)

    My body thinks so. I honestly didn't think there would be that much. I'd always wanted to try it, though. Trying hard not to double back except when necessary... but that meant a lot of dead end roads, and those are always DOWNHILL, so then you hit the end and turn 100% around for a climb. Also, really really rough chipseal on much of the roads. My hands are so pissed at me.

  3. Cedar Bough  S.
    CedarBough Saeji (서이지)

    https://www.relive.cc/view/968387233 sorry, no pretty photos

  4. Dasz H.
    Dasz Haagen

    Wow, that is epic on so many levels. You're the bike version of google street view :)

  5. Cedar Bough  S.
    CedarBough Saeji (서이지)

    well, now i know FOR SURE that there aren't any paved roads I haven't ridden on on my island.... actually I discovered two that had their paved sections extended (sadly, I was getting too tired to be happy about that)

  6. Clayton K.
    Clayton Keithley

    Wow, what an interesting concept for a ride!

  7. Karsten P.
    Karsten P.

    That's look interesting!

  8. Philip M.
    Philip M.

    Wow, you covered the entire island!

  9. Andy K.
    Andy K.


  10. Cedar Bough  S.
  11. Spiros A.
    Spiros Analytis Ⓥ

    Well that about covers Lopez Island.

  12. Cedar Bough  S.
    CedarBough Saeji (서이지)

    ummmm, yep, that was the idea!