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GOBBLE GOBBLE - graffiti

  • 52.8mi
  • 4,593ft
  • 4:02:41
    Moving Time
  • 2,098
  • 147
    Suffer Score


  1. Chris P.
    Chris Phipps

    Awesome work Bret! I wish Strava had a repost function!

  2. Jeffrey S.
    Jeffrey Skokan

    Wow! I'm speechless.

  3. Bob B.
    Bob B.

    Seriously creative ride!

  4. Ryan S.
    Ryan Schaub

    Wow... I can't even.... WHAT!?

  5. Alejandro V.
  6. Michael G.
    Michael Gaiman

    We need to get you a new hobby :-)

  7. Matt M.
    Matt M.


  8. Shane W.
    Shane W.

    Hahahaha......thats awesome!!!

  9. Mark S.
    Mark Slavonia

    My favorite detail is the buckle on the hat.

  10. Christine R.
    Christine R.

    Oh, that buckle... and the hat brim. Ouch.

  11. Willem P.
    Willem P.

    Te gek!!!!!! Hoe krijg je dat voor elkaar??

  12. Jon B.
    Jon B.


  13. Ryan J.
    Ryan J.


  14. Christine R.
    Christine R.


  15. Stephen C.
    Stephen Chang

    WOW just WOW!!! hahaha.

  16. Aylwin V.
    Aylwin Villanueva

    Holy heck...! Good one!

  17. Faye S.
    faye steiner

    You get as many kudos as the pros :) (I know from my old analyst days)

  18. Julie B.
    Julie B.

    Next week's ride's gonna be hard to top. :)

  19. Aaron L.
    Aaron L.

    Uh Oh…Phipps has some competition- Nice Bret!

  20. Valen C.
    Valen C.

    Vaya pavo

  21. Elle A.
    Elle Anderson

    Hells yeah!!!

  22. David L.
    David L.

    Totally awesome! You have way too much spare time!

  23. David C.
    David C.

    So cool! Nice work and Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Bob B.
    Bob Bingham


  25.  Lt. Mags B.
    Lt. Mags Boostmobile_Bike Religion

    Very Impressive!! How do you go about mapping that prior??

  26. Phillip J.
    Phillip James

    fucking rad!!!!

  27. James M.
    James Mangold @TaylorCycles

    That's is GOLD!

  28. Jason H.
    Jason H.

    This really got around. I showed my wife and she said she saw it on FB! You're like famous.

  29. Christine R.
    Christine R.


  30. Kathy D.
    Kathy Davies

    See, the feet look good! Nice work!!

  31. Christine R.
    Christine R.


  32. Ted T.
    Ted T.

    Nice One T. You are no turkey.

  33. Baruch B.
    Baruch Brodersen

    Love this

  34. ➡️ Diogo R.
    ➡️ Diogo R.

    perfect! Congratulations!!!

  35. Keith S.
    Keith Savageau

    Nicely done!

  36. Séb L.
    Séb Le Géant Vert

    génial ! bien joué ;-)

  37. Derek D.
    Derek Dowling

    Love that you were able to hold an average HR of 137 all while pulling this off.

  38. Noah B.
    Noah Bloom

    Most impressive? Averaging 13mph while creating this!

  39. Bret L.
    Bret Lobree

    Don't forget to spread the kudo love with my fellow riders. Happy Thanksgiving all!

  40. Rob H.
    Rob H.

    Quality!!!! :)
    And I thought that the 3rd was a bonus until I seen that you were only the 3rd person to ever ride that segment!! Lol.

  41. Junior Ⓥ.
    Junior Ⓥ

    this is so awesome! happy thanksgiving!

  42. Christine R.
    Christine R.

    329? Now THAT's crazy...and well deserved!

  43. Christine R.
    Christine R.

    (Though you missed out this morning... pumpkin AND apple.)

  44. Bart L.
    Bart L.


  45. Eoin H.
    Eoin Healy


  46. Michael R.
    Michael R.

    Chapeau, sir.

  47. Peter "Boots" F.
    Peter "Boots" Franklin

    Love it, just love it!
    This has motivated me to try and do some of my own, a new trend on strava? It should be a challange :P

  48. Guillaume C.
    Guillaume C.

    excellent!! you're lucky that the GPS didn't lost the signal in the middle or that you missed the right road. congrats

  49. Richard H.
    Richard H.

    I salute you Sir!

  50. G S.
    G SIM