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That's a wrap

  • 21.3mi
  • 4,148ft
  • 3:03:36
    Moving Time
  • 8:36/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,453


  1. Juan T.
    Juan Tisera

    Didn't you run 37 yesterday!?

  2. Walt W.
    Walt Wood β“‹

    Great! πŸ’ͺ😎

  3. Chris M.
    Chris Mocko

    Juan Tisera it was Hell Week (not Heaven Week...oh, that's a good name for a taper week)!

  4. Chris J.
    Chris Jones


  5. Juan T.
    Juan Tisera


  6. Cleide Eller C.
    Cleide Eller C

    Ohhhh louuucccoooo meu!!!

  7. Trent G.
    Trent G.

    If my math is right, you need to eat 5 large pizzas to stay out of calorie deficit after these two runs.

  8. Nathan R.
    Nathan R.

    150 for the week is freaking epic! Congratulations and keep smashing it

  9. Lindsay W.
    Lindsay Wiese-Amos

    I'm so proud of you!!

  10. Steve R.
    Steve Rosenberg

    Nice week!

  11. Chris M.
    Chris Mocko

    Lindsay Wiese-Amos ☺️

  12. Chris M.
    Chris Mocko

    Trent Gill shouldn't be an issue--I've actually gained weight this week!

  13. Adam H.
    Adam Harris

    is UROC still on deck next?

  14. Kim G.
    Kim G.

    Huge week!!

  15. Chris M.
    Chris Mocko

    Thanks Kim Gaylord! It had to be that extra hydration on Tuesday night!

  16. Chris M.
    Chris Mocko

    Adam Harris yep! 😬

  17. Brent P.
    Brent P.


  18. Patrik M.
    Patrik Mauchle

    Love the mocko show!

  19. Toni T.
    Toni Tauro


  20. Chris M.
    Chris Mocko

    Thanks @Brent, @Toni and @Patrik!

  21. Eduardo B.
    Eduardo Becerra

    243km in a week?! You are crazy man! Awesome!