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I'd love to ride with you; you don't mind if I pop up ahead in a few spots, right?

  • 64.7mi
  • 3,806ft
  • 4:01:27
    Moving Time
  • 2,420


  1. Michael Bilodeau

    Holy shit! Another bad day at work? KOM SLAYER

  2. The Candid Cyclist

    It's been a bad few weeks at work.

  3. Michael Bilodeau

    Great ride! I hope work gets better for your mind but not for the sake of your cycling. Lol. Probably catch up at MCC ride soon.

  4. Jo Martyn-Fisher

    I'd like to do this ride this summer... can you send me something I can print?

  5. The Candid Cyclist

    Hey Michael, I'll try to ride up there some day after work. I have to be able to get out at 5:00 with the wind at my back to make the ride.

  6. The Candid Cyclist

    Jo, you can print it yourself or even load it to your Garmin. I would avoid the part on Rt107. It is a shit show of horrible pavement and rednecks. Send me a message on Facebook and I'll work you through loading it to the garmin. https://www.strava.com/routes/8670354

  7. Raymond C.

    Nice job! Most impressive! Note to all "NO Wolf pack or wheel sucking." SOLO

  8. The Candid Cyclist

    Thanks Raymond.

  9. Michael Bilodeau

    He's an animal. Love the fanny pack too.