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Chris White (RideFar.info)

Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
  • 8
    Activities in 2019
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Mont Saleve & Les Voirons, getting more Veloviewer map tiles

Ride May 15, 2017
  • 153.0km
  • 3,076m
  • 7:16:24
    Moving Time
  • 3,811
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  1. Chris White (RideFar.info)
    Chris White (RideFar.info)

    Final 7 km missing due to insufficient Garmin battery life.

  2. Will Cycliste
    Will Cycliste

    I hope you enjoyed my home mountain. Well done.

  3. Chris White (RideFar.info)
    Chris White (RideFar.info)

    Thanks Will, I had fun. I don't think you've ever mentioned on your blog how much fun the descent down to Cruseilles is. Not too steep, nice wide road, lots of sweeping turns that you can carry lots of speed through. After the views from the top, the descent was the most fun part :)

  4. Chris White (RideFar.info)
    Chris White (RideFar.info)

    BTW Will, have you ever climbed up Les Voirons from the west side? There's about 5 km of good-quality gravel road at the top that joins up with the paved road on the other side. Before the gravel road section, there are some really steep pitches (15+%), but the gravel section is pretty easy.

  5. Will Cycliste
    Will Cycliste

    Chris ..... ha, I almost never write that any descent is good. Remember on your next visit to ride the steep way via Le Coin. Thanks for the Les Voirons tip, much appreciated. BTW, I am much happier since using mountain bike cleats on road bike as you suggested.

  6. Chris White (RideFar.info)
    Chris White (RideFar.info)

    Good news about the MTB cleats. I don't understand why anyone would use road cleats if they haven't got a support car following them. I've done the steep way up La Saleve a couple of times - I'm not in any hurry to repeat it any time soon.


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