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Cheep thrills [ inspired by #StravaHeatmap ]

  • 53.0km
  • 539m
  • 2:02:24
    Moving Time
  • 1,303


  1. Edwin O'Sullivan

    Nice one Stephen!

  2. Joe Geyer

    Ok, how do you create these neat rides?

  3. Jill M.


  4. Stephen Lund

    Joe...for this one, I first spotted the general shape in Strava's Global Heat Map (photo attached). Then it was just a matter of zooming in on a map of Victoria and fleshing out the details…

  5. Rob Walker #.

    Steve Gardner #bikesbysteve Rob Chilver

  6. Matthew Dunlap

    Love it!

  7. Theresa W.

    Hell yeah! That's cool!

  8. Agent Luke Baine

    Very cool! Soaring ride Stephen!

  9. Sue M.


  10. Jamie Robinson

    Great GPS Birdie Stephen! A Cardinal? Always look forward to your creations!

  11. Stephen Lund

    Jamie...I'll have to defer to my younger brother. He's the bird-nerd in the family. What do you say, Malcolm Lund? Cardinal...or something else?

  12. Dean Wingerter

    Love it. Great job Steve.

  13. Lewis Mercer

    Nice work. Whoot

  14. Fai M.

    Creation of a blue jay aided by blue light heat map. hehe

  15. Kym S.

    Excellent! I've been waiting for another picture from you.

  16. Dan O.

    The inset thumbnail image makes it look like the big bird had shat out a small bird. No, just me? 😒

  17. Gei Kek 🇳🇱 A.

    Nice one!!!!

  18. Martijn V.

    What a beauty!

  19. Stu C.

    Wonderful Stephen!

  20. Chris Treanor

    Fantastic! Do you plan out the route before hand and follow gps device directions or use maps on your phone? I'd love to try and create one myself 😊

  21. Stephen Lund

    A little blog writeup: http://wp.me/p5L8PW-wN

  22. Stephen Lund

    Chris...here's a basic rundown about how I plan my doodles. I'm so familiar now with the map and the process, I usually skip step #5. https://gpsdoodles.com/2015/02/18/the-strava-art-process-part-1/

  23. Chris Treanor

    Awesome thanks Stephen!!

  24. Eje M.

    I always look forward to your doodles. Another good one from you. Nice!

  25. Matúš M.

    Ohoho, nice piece!

  26. Jan V

    You saw a bird suggested in the heat map...? Wow, I'm trying, but not getting too far.

  27. Malte H.


  28. Peter Mc Williams

    I thought you might have TWEETED this to your followers!!!!!

  29. Stephen Lund

    Speaking of Tweets... https://twitter.com/Strava/status/865265755146682368

  30. Andy Dall

    How do you do that awesome !!!!!

  31. Ivan Miranda


  32. Gábor Fehér

    Good job. Respect!!