Strava for Apple Watch

Our global community and sport-specific design, seamlessly integrated with Apple Watch. Redesigned and updated for Series 2 in early 2017.

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Personalized for you

Your activities, preferences and training goals seamlessly transfer from your Strava account to Apple Watch.

Real-time display

Easily view your time, pace, distance and heart rate with your iPhone safely tucked away.

Immediate results

Completed activities automatically sync with Strava and display an instant summary of your performance.

Fast transitions

Easily toggle between ride and run modes using Force Touch.

Coming Soon for Series 2

Take Strava with you, but leave your phone behind. Launching in early 2017, Strava for Apple Watch Series 2 will take full advantage of the watch’s new GPS capabilities.

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You can join our community and track your activities with practically any GPS device.

Download the Strava iOS App on the App Store