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George Vargas REV Cycling

George Vargas REV Cycling

Encinitas, California
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I am a father to two wonderful boys, Nicholas and Alexander. I am a bike shop owner in San Marcos - San Elijo Hills... and Hall of Fame Ultra Cyclist. I climbed 1,000,000 feet in 2015 in only 10 months (legitimate gain no iPhone Strava app or Elevation Correction which gives you more gain).  I repeated 1M feet in 2016. I have also Everest 4X -- 29,029 feet in one single ride. I have been named a legendary Ultra Cyclist– a title I consistently work hard to live up to because of what it means in the small ultra cycling community. I have completed 2- Person Race Across America (RAAM) in 2007. I have finished the Furnace Creek 508 SOLO six consecutive years in 2006, 2007 (Fixed Gear) 2008, 2009, 2010 2011, then came back in 2013 (tandem) and 2014, 2015 (tandem) for a total of 9 Furnace Creek/Silver State 508 finishes with a PR of 34 hours 39 minutes. I was inducted in the Furnace Creek 508 Hall of Fame class of 2011. I am a Trans Iowa finisher (only 57 finishers out of 250 participants in the last five years at the time). Trans-Iowa is 320 mile totally unsupported gravel race held under adventure racing format. I have also attained Super Randonneur (200km, 300km, 400km and 600km unsupported events) multiple years. I am a cycling coach with clients ranging from endurance cyclists, to triathletes, to beginners just entering the sport of cycling. And now that you read all of that — I am also just an everyday Joe, just like you. I own a bike shop work and 60 hours a week, have a family, have a coaching business and try to do ultra events on limited training time. I’ve never been a professional cyclist. I do what I do out of passion for the sport. I suffer just like you do. I get it done out of pure stubbornness, pride and perseverance. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you find it informative, entertaining, and inspiring. If you would like a certain topic covered please drop me a line. Email: revcycling@gmail.com Website: www.epictrain.com California Double Century History 43 Doubles as of Jan 2017 Many Triple Centuries and so much more

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 170
  • 340
  • 510
  • 680
  • 850
Oct 2016
Jan 2017

Current Month

  • 425.4mi
  • 27h 8m
  • 36,047ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Tamarack decent
  • PR on Windy Alley
  • PR on Armstrong - Barstow to Sierra
  • PR on Strong Arm


Distance 5,340.7mi
Time 383h 9m
Elevation Gain 522,352ft
Rides 125


Total Distance 49,511.4mi
Total Time 3541h 41m
Total Elev Gain 4,571,608ft
Total Rides 1179

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