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Chris Phipps

Chris Phipps

San Francisco, CA
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 340
  • 680
  • 1020
  • 1360
  • 1700
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 197.8km
  • 8h 9m
  • 2,257m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Van Ness to 8th
  • PR on Page St: Pierce to Webster Sprint
  • 2nd fastest time on Franklin Slide
  • 2nd fastest time on Franklin St. Top hill


Distance 11,444.3km
Time 417h 45m
Elevation Gain 134,354m
Rides 386


Total Distance 70,891.8km
Total Time 2568h 13m
Total Elev Gain 785,704m
Total Rides 1899

Recent Photos

  • Getting ready for #LKHC #1 Montebello. Low Key means we stop for doughnuts halfway up?
  • #LKHC finish
  • Another awesome #InnerSunset sunset
  • Best view for $1,000 per month in SF
  • At least there's no shortage of bicycle parking on Twin Peaks. #supermoon
  • "My name is Suzie Campbell, I'm from Sausalito & I don't like driving behind bicycles" - so I'll make an unsafe pass just to go to the line of stopped cars ahead of you.
  • Cruise ship
  • I guess she's comfortable
  • #ahhffseason riding
  • Liars!
  • This is how old guys warm up for a national championship crit
  • NCNCA domination!
  • Pre ride
  • Bears rolling
  • 65-69 Go Josef!
  • Riding home
  • Bears in Ogden
  • Inside bike parking at Roosters!
  • I guess I didn't need to bring 7 kits.
  • She's a beauty.
  • TT
  • CX clinic & I brought my TT bike
  • Jan waiting for his next bike coming from China
  • Chasing a mouse
  • What kind of crazy people show up at the GG Bridge for a 5:45 AM ride?
  • Sunrise with the #TamSlam crew. Thanks @stravacycling
  • Damn, BABS all gone & I'm in a hurry - kind of like when Superman can't find a phone booth
  • Yeah, we'll have your polo field track back to you by 5PM Friday. Liars #outsidelands
  • They say that all this fencing will be gone before tomorrow morning. Somehow I don't believe them #outsidelands #InnerSunset
  • Bike share
  • Cyclists show up in force at SFPD Park monthly community meeting.
  • This is going to take a while
  • Q & A is going to take a while.
  • Captain Sanford just got a bike & may join us for a ride next week. TNPR? PFSD?
  • Staging for #roasters
  • Taking the long way home. #HawkHill
  • Is there something going on at the polo field track?
  • Lots of bikes at #outsidelands
  • Clarendon, SF parking paradise
  • They have fences inside fences inside fences.
  • Outside Lands basically closes GG Park for 15% of the summer for a 3 day concert.
  • Roasters
  • One guy almost stopped, but 99/100 cars roll this stop sign
  • Not one car stopped in this group.
  • Why I hate outside lands #freethepolofieldtrack
  • Bike lane or Uber loading & unloading?
  • #coldupantoll
  • race wheels and cotton tires. Some people take #TNPR way too seriously
  • Tejay?
  • Pinot?
  • ????
  • GGP Car Free Sundays
  • I knew there was a bridge there!
  • It's disappearing again.
  • Easy* ride
  • How July this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge?
  • Downtown SF from Twin Peaks on a beautiful July day!
  • I thought this was supposed to be a busy holiday weekend. Where are all the tourists?
  • Someone stole my I!
  • Engage
  • Virginia City ride
  • BABS - completed the rack
  • On BART to Pleasanton to dash for some cash.
  • Luckily I didn't need the rear brake today.
  • One of the "trails" I rode tonight drawing the whale
  • Long coll down
  • The Presidio is a parking lot. Unless you're on a bicycle
  • Lead runners heading into the park #baytobreakers
  • Cross leading the centipede in the last half mile.
  • Wonder Women #baytobreakers
  • More Runners #baytobreakers
  • And more runners #baytobreakers
  • Happy Bike to Work Day! #biketoworkday
  • Good sized group taking Caltrain for the ATOC Stage 3 ride today.
  • Polo Field #PFSD TT with @zmorvant & @phredmoyer
  • Pit at Hayes & Laguna
  • Not a bad evening for a ride.
  • Perfect day for ThirstyBear p/b Akamai team photo shoot on Mt. Tam
  • A little better above the clouds.
  • Big turnout for the Greg Lemond ride in SF!
  • Getting tips for Cat's Hill tomorrow from Greg Lemond
  • It's @cosmocatalano! #HTRWW
  • Post ride beer
  • Foggy
  • #NJudah
  • Where are we & where are our bikes? #norcalspringclassic
  • The start #norcalspringclassic
  • A little windy for the 90mm front tonight. #PFSD
  • Milton
  • Pre-rode the #CopperopolisRR for real today. Road is still rough
  • I still get asked, "What is BABS?"
  • I've been riding for over an hour but my Garmin can't find any satellites.
  • The #PFSD crew
  • Inner Sunset
  • Yikes! Luckily no one was riding by when this fell.
  • #TNPR 2015-01
  • Survived Paskenta
  • Sunset sunset
  • Riding by moon and star light
  • 1st ride new @trekbikes Speed Concept selfie
  • Fog rolling in. So much for the warm weather.
  • Sunday Hawks
  • Just another winter day in SF.
  • Another beautiful sunset #no filter #InnerSunset
  • Friday the
  • Other end
  • Bye bye cars
  • Evening ride views
  • SoakingBears
  • For Sale
  • Day 3 rollout #thecoastride
  • Lunch in Lompoc #thecoastride
  • Flat! ????????
  • Day 2 start
  • Rollout
  • Day 1 done
  • Quiet day on the GG Bridge
  • Damn
  • Car free GG Bridge!
  • Goodbye polo field track, see you in 2015!
  • Only 224
  • Longest ride since July on tap for today
  • Looking south from San Bruno Mountain because looking north is just fog. Only 19 day to go! #sanbrunoworldchampionships
  • San Bruno Mtn to SantaCon
  • About to start the hardest & most important race of the season! #smsw #SupermarketStreetSweep
  • Perfect day & great turnout! #smsw
  • More rain coming?
  • Beautiful day for a nice little climb up New Priest
  • Some Turkey blocking the polo field track. #happy thanksgiving
  • Sunset
  • Riding in the Sunset
  • Stage at the start.
  • Rainy at the starting line. T minus 25 min.
  • Ready to roll! #TaiwanKOM
  • Post #TaiwanKOM - after 4 hrs in the cold rain trying to warm up in a van with Kenyan National Team.
  • Ride start with Carlos
  • Guanshan Bike Path
  • Guanshan Bike Path
  • Post ride coffee
  • Riding through Guanahan
  • Next up, we're watching a movie
  • Mystery lunch
  • Rainy day
  • No Electrocuting Fish
  • Shitiping
  • A little wet but still warm today. My first ever ride south of the Tropic of Cancer
  • More goats than cars
  • Climbing today
  • In the town of Jioufen
  • Perfect SF day for a few final Hawk Hill repeats.
  • 14.1 pounds with race wheels
  • Sunset in GGP
  • The Giant I'll be using in Taiwan
  • Trying to stay awake
  • Finally have the polo field track to myself
  • Were you bored while I was out riding?
  • Going to be difficult to get a lot of work done today.
  • Not the usual bike commute #GoGiants
  • Good Morning!
  • SF from Mt San Bruno
  • Let's Go Giants!!!
  • Start of the #hawkhill10k 10,000 ft on Hawk Hill
  • 1/13 #hawkhill10k
  • 2/13 #hawkhill10k
  • 5/13 #hawkhill10k
  • 3/13 #hawkhill10k
  • Doh
  • Training
  • Fans in McCovey cove. Let's go #Giants!
  • Watching the Giants in the really cheap seats
  • Go Buster!!!
  • Dock Blocked at Justin Herman Plaza
  • Karl is back
  • Riding north to escape the fog
  • Women's XC race start at SF Presidio Challenge
  • This is for @SRobertsKron4 I sat here for 10 min. Not 1 car stopped. Yet cyclists were being busted here
  • 1st the Polo Field Track, now Kezar?
  • About to start the @castellicycling #StradaRosso from Clos du Bois Winery
  • Dock blocked at Post
  • 45+ start at the Stick
  • 35+ CX Candlestick Start
  • Women's start at Candlestick CX
  • Men's A race start at Candlestick CX
  • Looks like some kind of Strava event
  • Safety first soccer in GG Park