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Andrew Markwick

New Mills, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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In 2010 I was involved in a serious accident I've been recovering from ever since - I was hit by a car as a pedestrian and left for dead at night on a deserted road. I was saved, however, by another motorist. I spent 8 weeks in hospital and have had 17 operations to date, mostly to reconstruct my left leg below the knee. 30% of the tissue was lost and replaced with a muscle from my back and skin from my right thigh. My tibia was broken in four places, set and then rebroken and reset again 20 months later because it healed up with a 17 degree angle in it. I have been in external fixation three times now. My fibula is permanently broken and my ankle remains pretty immobile. As a result I have had problems with stress fractures in my foot caused by walking strangely. I have had problems walking, mainly ankle pain and back pain. My ankle is 'horribly arthritic' and my left leg was at least 2.5 cm shorter than my right leg. Both of these problems have probably been fixed by an operation I had in October 2016. I was in external fixation for ~9 months until July 2017, during which time my leg was extended in length by 32.75mm. My ankle and heel were broken and reset in a better position so I can put my foot flat on the ground. Since the original accident and being off my bike for 895 days, I recovered enough that in 2014 I rode further than I ever have before in a day on the Flatout in the Fens ride, and then more recently in June 2015 I did the Fred Whitton Challenge. Now I'm ready to recover again. I rode for the first time since the last op on August 12 2017, indoors on my trainer. It felt good. I rode for the first time outdoors since the last op on October 29 2017. That also felt good although I am of course quite weak and unfit.

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Monthly Activity Distance

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  • 7
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  • 28
  • 35
Jun 2017
Jan 2018

Current Month

  • 14.2mi
  • 1h 52m
  • 1,987ft


Distance 45.3mi
Time 4h 51m
Elevation Gain 4,403ft
Rides 5


Total Distance 6,385.5mi
Total Time 521h 48m
Total Elev Gain 448,363ft
Total Rides 430

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