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Mt. Sanitas

Mt. Sanitas is an extremely popular place to test one’s climbing skills. Easily accessible from downtown Boulder, locals make laps of Sanitas a regular ritual. Due to its convenient location, Mt. Sanitas sees heavy traffic from runners, hikers, and dog walkers. The preferred direction to run the loop is clockwise, which sends you straight up the steepest climb right away. This initial ascent up the rugged and rocky Mt. Sanitas Trail is also a popular segment with locals. Once you reach the top of the ridge you’ll navigate a technical switchback trail through massive boulders that will lead you down to the valley. For your return trip you can choose between the Sanitas Valley Trail and the Dakota Ridge Trail. If you are trying to avoid the heat, try Dakota Ridge in the morning, as it will be shaded by a ridge to the east. In the afternoon you’ll want to take Sanitas Valley once the sun dips behind the west ridge. Parking is available at the Centennial parking area across the street or you can park on Mapleton Avenue.

Strava Curated Route

  • Distance5.0 km
  • Elevation406 m
  • Run TypeTrail

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