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Morton Arboretum

If you can stomach Morton Arboretum’s $12 per person admission price (note that Wednesdays are discount admission days) then you will be rewarded with an enormous wonderland of forests, meadows, lakes, ponds and rivers. The amenities at the MA make it worthwhile to spend the entire day there. The visitor center has a cafeteria-style restaurant and a café. There are even locker rooms so you can change clothes after your run and enjoy the afternoon in the arboretum. The visitor center rents bikes in the summer and snowshoes and cross-country skis in the winter. Runners and cyclists are allowed to use the paved roads through the MA, while the trails are reserved for walking only. The arboretum features “auto-free zones” on the roads during the summer on Friday evenings and early weekend mornings. The roads offer two loops, the east loop is approximately 3 miles and the west loop is about 4.5 miles long. Restrooms are scattered throughout the arboretum but water is only available at the visitor center so plan accordingly. Due to the abundance of plants and trees, we recommend applying some bug spray before you venture out.

Strava Curated Route

  • 7.4 mi Distance
  • 407 ft Elevation
  • Road Run Type

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