SF Bay Area - East Bay Cycling Guide

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East Bay cycling can feel like the lonely middle child of the nearby North Bay and South Bay cycling meccas, but there is no shortage of amazing rides here. Long sustained climbs, beautiful reservoir views and brazen wild turkeys will grace your time in the saddle. For those seeking a challenge, the East Bay boasts the steepest single-road half mile in California (Marin Ave in Berkeley) and a mountaintop with one of the most expansive views in the area (Mt. Diablo). In summertime, the hills can be cool (arm warmers often encouraged) but things heat up quickly as you get further east. Be prepared for the changing conditions of the sunny side of the bay!

SF Bay Area - East Bay Running Guide

Top Cycling Routes in SF Bay Area - East Bay

  1. Three Bears

    • Distance 33.1 mi
    • Elevation 3,475 ft

    The Three Bears Loop is the gold standard loop of the East Bay. A picturesque ride of modest duration, this route takes you along smooth roads through the green hills of Berkele...

  2. Morgan Territory

    • Distance 59.4 mi
    • Elevation 5,139 ft

    Arguably the most iconic loop in the East Bay, Morgan Territory takes riders along deserted back roads and through graceful green hills. With plenty of climbing and over fifty m...

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  4. Mt. Diablo Loop

    • Distance 81.9 mi
    • Elevation 4,825 ft

    Beginning in Alameda, riders will circle around Las Trampas Regional Wilderness and Castle Rock Park on this lengthy and scenic route. Passing through Danville and Walnut Creek,...

  5. Pinehurst

    • Distance 27.9 mi
    • Elevation 2,666 ft

    This short and sweet route is great for cyclists looking to fit a quick ride in. Providing views of the entire Bay Area and Mt. Diablo, riders are sure to enjoy these quiet and ...

  6. Zoo Loop

    • Distance 27.8 mi
    • Elevation 2,962 ft

    A fantastic loop with a great tempo, the Zoo Loop has it all: awesome climbs, flowing descents, and plenty of twists and turns. Leave the city behind and get lost in the protect...

  7. Pig Farm

    • Distance 48.3 mi
    • Elevation 5,496 ft

    Named after Pig Farm Hill (the site of a former pig farm) on Alhambra Valley Road, East Bay cyclists adore this undulating loop. Expect lots of climbs and rollers on this popula...

  8. Shell Ridge Open Space Preserve

    • Distance 6.9 mi
    • Elevation 868 ft

    Located just outside of Walnut Creek, the Shell Open Space Preserve is a playground for East Bay mountain bikers. Wide dirt roads with the option of single track await all those...

  9. Morgan Territory MTB

    • Distance 6.5 mi
    • Elevation 1,021 ft

    If you like to be alone in nature and love to suffer, you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to ride in Morgan Territory. With plenty of trails to choose from, enjoy steep climbs...

  10. Sunol - Palomares - Dublin Grade

    • Distance 30.2 mi
    • Elevation 2,180 ft

    Beginning in Dublin, this thirty mile route takes riders around the Alviso Adobe Community Park. The first fifteen miles along Foothill Road are relatively flat, allowing for a ...

  11. House of Pain

    • Distance 48.6 mi
    • Elevation 1,760 ft

    The House of Pain (HOP) group ride meets every Saturday at Peet's Coffee in Danville. A picturesque course that winds through barren yet beautiful hillsides, riders can easily h...