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Stevens Creek to Shoreline

Stretching from just south of El Camino Real in Mountain View all the way north to the bay, the Stevens Creek Trail is a popular place for runners wanting to avoid stoplights and traffic. After passing by a bunch of the big tech companies, the trail links up with the trails of the Stevens Creek Shoreline Nature Study Area. Most of this route is paved but there is usually a dirt shoulder that people like to run on. In the Shoreline Park you can run along the Bay Trail that hugs the edge of the bay. The slough makes for interesting scenery with its ribbons of land extending into the bay, the power lines, and the Dumbarton Bridge in the distance. If you would like to throw some hills into your run, take a detour up to the top of the Vista Slope. This man-made hill is so cute you may want to run up and down it a few times. Otherwise, stay the course and this will be a flat, peaceful run. Many of the people that work in the offices nearby use these trails as their daily workout so you'll never be lonely out here.

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