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Almaden Quicksilver County Park combines the best of California trail running - wide open fire roads on grassy hillsides, single-track through wooded glens, scrubby oak trees, wildflowers, creeks, reservoirs, big hills with panoramic views, and lots of wildlife. This park was once a mining town and you'll still see the rusting remnants of the old mines and buildings. It's like visiting a ghost town from the “Wild West”. This route is not for the faint of heart, right from the start you will be in for an extremely long, grueling climb up Mine Hill that will take you up 1,300 feet in 4 miles. At the top you'll want to stop and take some pictures from this amazing vista looking out over San Jose and the Santa Cruz Mountains. The only potable water is at the Hacienda and Mockingbird Hill entrances. Carry lots of water because it does get hot here and you'll have to detour off the route to make it to the drinking fountains. There is a restroom near the trailhead at McAbee Road but none in the middle of the park.

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