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The Athlete's Route Creation Tool

You don't want to spend all day planning a run or ride. We'll help you choose the right roads and paths, get your route onto your GPS device or printed cue sheet, and get you out there with friends fast.

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Routemaster is a point to point routing engine for athletes. We've trained Routemaster with billions of data points from real activities in order to learn how every path in the world is used by cyclists and runners alike.

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Helping You Choose the Best Roads, Trails, and Paths

Not sure how to get from point A to point B? Using anonymized Strava activity data, the Route Builder can put you on the paths traveled most by Strava athletes, helping you create truly memorable routes to experience and share.

Where Riders Ride and Runners Run. Simple.

Our routes are different than everyone else's. For cyclists, we don't just favor bike paths and lanes. For runners, while you could theoretically run almost anywhere, it doesn't mean you should. We'll help keep you on paths runners prefer.

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To see how the route will change based on actual Strava activity data.
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Strava athletes find the quickest, safest, and most beautiful roads to ride and run on. Leveraging this data to help you create the best possible routes seems so obvious.

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Keep Up While You Travel

Going on vacation doesn't mean you have to miss your normal running or cycling routine. Use Strava Popularity options to help you choose the paths Strava athletes use most, so you can run and ride with confidence — even when visiting new places.

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When friends visit from out of town, I've got a standard set of routes I can share with them to get them out having fun instead of puzzling over where to go.

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Directions to Help You Along the Way

Once you've built a route, you might want some directions to help guide the way. You can export a route to a compatible GPS device to get turn-by-turn directions.

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Routes are Better with Friends

If you create a great route and don't share it, is it still great? We've made it easy to share the route with friends so they can experience it with you. Build memories together and make them epic.

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