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Road - Almogía (Level - Medium)

Cycling Route

83.43 km
1,190 m
We depart from FMK west direction to “Puerto de la Torre” then we will start climbing the A-7075. After a few ups and downs we will start the Almogia climb, 7,2km with an average 5% of elevation gain. We come back through the "Los nuñez” ramp 0,7km with a crazy 12,8%. After a nice downhill with incredible views we will come back to FMK true Campanillas, Cartama, Churriana and Torremolinos. This route can be done reverse, the climb will be harder.
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September 4, 2017·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Av Rafael Gomez climb0.68 km24 m3.5%
El pinillo1.40 km33 m2.1%
Rotonda El Pinillo - Rotonda Benyamina3.76 km-40 m-0.8%
Paralelo Carrefour dirección Torremolinos0.67 km7 m0.9%
Ikea-Martín Carpena (autovia)3.08 km-7 m-0.0%
REPECHO AL POLÍGONO 0.38 km8 m1.9%
Repecho Intelhorce0.84 km33 m3.8%
Cónsul - Lope de Rueda climb2.18 km54 m2.5%
Sprint subida Pintor Rodrigo 0.31 km13 m4.0%
aprieta mercadona asta lope de rueda0.43 km17 m4.0%
Puente Autovía - Desvío Casasola6.54 km-86 m-0.5%
Puente Autovia - Fuente Almogia (GENERAL)14.32 km321 m1.8%
Último inverso0.45 km20 m4.3%
La caída de Paquito0.19 km-9 m-4.6%
paracalokede1.65 km48 m2.7%
Penúltimo inverso0.89 km45 m5.0%
Gas to JaiTai2.24 km-89 m-3.9%
MotoGP0.51 km17 m3.4%
Subida Almogia, Puente hierro - Fuente Almogia (GENERAL)7.20 km306 m4.2%
Puente hierro - primer descansillo1.70 km90 m5.3%
Serie 4 km3.91 km186 m4.7%
Arranca que nos vamos! (800 m)0.82 km50 m6.1%
2º km almogia1.07 km51 m4.8%
3º km almogia1.06 km46 m4.3%
4º km almogia1.01 km57 m5.7%
5º km almogia1.06 km36 m3.4%
Cruce Tellez - Mirador Almogía2.81 km77 m2.7%
2º descansillo Almogía1.33 km41 m3.1%
Cruce Nuñez - Fuente1.46 km46 m3.0%
Pandereta-Mirador0.81 km34 m4.1%
Repechón Los Nuñez0.77 km99 m12.8%
Steile wand rijden0.26 km57 m22.0%
Bajada Núñez completa5.72 km-393 m-6.9%
Fresneda5.45 km-36 m-0.6%
Col du Chatarret Nord0.21 km7 m3.2%
Repecho Santa Rosalía (este)0.55 km10 m1.7%
Maqueda-Glorieta Sexmo2.90 km-20 m-0.1%
Paredon de Sierra Llana0.74 km33 m4.5%
A7057 - El Peñón8.85 km-44 m-0.1%
Sierra Llana - Churriana11.98 km-50 m-0.1%
Sierra Lnana east1.40 km-28 m-1.7%
sprint churriana0.40 km15 m3.7%
Subida y bajada Camino del Pilar2.68 km-47 m-0.6%
sprint camino del pilar, churriana0.65 km24 m3.5%
Bajada Camino del Pilar1.66 km-46 m-2.3%
Repechon Aqualand0.99 km10 m0.9%
Recta del Pinillo Carrefour (GENERAL)0.69 km-10 m-0.9%
Down to the limit #0.67 km-24 m-3.6%