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Byland Abbey

Cycling Route

52.62 mi
2,356 ft
Created By
Martin Webber

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Out of town0.38 mi-36 ft-1.2%
Sharow Rise0.72 mi79 ft2.1%
The S express0.23 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Black Planting sprint reverse0.50 mi13 ft0.5%
Bagby Bends0.30 mi33 ft2.0%
A19 - Bagby - bench below White Horse Bank4.56 mi328 ft1.0%
Bagby lane1.06 mi128 ft2.1%
Bagby to Balk with Bex1.25 mi-52 ft-0.5%
Bagby Stretch1.75 mi249 ft2.5%
The lumpy one!5.00 mi210 ft0.0%
Osgoodby Bank0.19 mi102 ft9.9%
Kilburn down hill0.42 mi-131 ft-5.4%
Black Swan blast1.48 mi167 ft0.6%
Watch for tractors1.93 mi-138 ft-1.1%
Oldstead to Byland Abbey1.25 mi-115 ft-1.5%
Byland Abbey to Coxworld1.38 mi-82 ft-1.0%
Byland Old Bend's0.25 mi-52 ft-3.6%
The Husthwaite wiggle1.17 mi98 ft1.6%
Mount Husthwaite0.25 mi72 ft5.1%
hustwaite to easingwold3.51 mi-217 ft-1.1%
Peep-O-Day Smash1.93 mi-174 ft-1.7%
North Moor Sprint0.49 mi-13 ft-0.3%
N Moor Road to Easingwold1.16 mi33 ft0.4%
Cop Shop0.09 mi20 ft4.0%
Graveyard Shift0.27 mi-26 ft-0.3%
Chicken Run0.31 mi-33 ft-1.8%
Chip Shop and Stop0.12 mi16 ft2.5%
Foot Church Hill to Crankley Lane1.27 mi-52 ft-0.7%
easingwold-alne3.79 mi-72 ft-0.3%
Alne Road A19 Bridge0.23 mi-3 ft-0.2%
OLC Bridge 2 B - TT2.05 mi-46 ft-0.2%
Alne Railway Station Bridge0.12 mi-7 ft-1.0%
Up out of Alne0.23 mi30 ft1.6%
Alne to Aldwark2.55 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Alne to mainstreet3.46 mi33 ft0.1%
The Bridge0.08 mi13 ft1.8%
Boat lane westwards0.95 mi33 ft0.4%
Springfield Rise Climb0.32 mi30 ft1.6%
B6265 to A1681.84 mi79 ft0.8%
Gallabar Lane0.55 mi52 ft1.5%
Ark at the Dale0.70 mi-56 ft-1.5%
in to Arkendale0.07 mi20 ft5.3%
Arkendale to A60550.78 mi30 ft0.2%
total bedlams1.03 mi-108 ft-1.9%
Wath lane0.91 mi75 ft1.6%
Traffic Light Deduction0.18 mi-16 ft-0.7%
Oucher Ln0.78 mi66 ft1.1%
Oucher Ln Climb0.34 mi59 ft3.2%
north to monkton1.98 mi-108 ft-0.4%
Wesgate sprint0.07 mi20 ft5.0%