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Past Month

Boulder Skyline Traverse (from home)

Running Route

19.51 mi
5,968 ft
2018 running goal
Created By
David Kircos

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Run - Green Rock Dr climb (0.5km)0.29 mi115 ft7.4%
Green Rock Drive (climb from Spruce St.)0.35 mi108 ft5.7%
Lion's Lair Climb3.87 mi1,299 ft6.3%
Sanitas Backside3.62 mi1,250 ft6.5%
TH to summit3.93 mi1,260 ft6.1%
Centennial-Swoop-Sanitas3.72 mi1,178 ft5.9%
Lion's Lair Lot to Top 4.08 mi1,243 ft5.8%
MY SUNSHINE CLIMB1.17 mi272 ft4.4%
Full Sanitas Backside: Lions Lair from Centennial3.67 mi1,260 ft6.2%
Sunshine/Lion's Lair Ascent (6/15 - new switchbacks)3.55 mi1,266 ft6.6%
Sunshine Canyon Trail Climb1.09 mi282 ft4.9%
Boulder Creek Path Climb0.76 mi279 ft6.9%
Lions Lair climb to junction1.59 mi673 ft8.0%
Swoop-Sanitas2.45 mi837 ft6.4%
Lions Lair/Swoop Ascent2.40 mi942 ft7.2%
Lion's Lair Trail Ascent2.51 mi846 ft6.3%
swoop/LL up2.49 mi860 ft6.4%
Timber Lane Climb0.71 mi344 ft9.1%
Sanitas Descent, Steep Part0.66 mi-768 ft-21.9%
Sanitas backside descent0.29 mi-371 ft-22.7%
Sanitas Descent1.82 mi-1,280 ft-13.3%
Sanitas Valley Descent0.97 mi-433 ft-8.1%
Sanitas Valley Descent to Ditch0.93 mi-377 ft-7.6%
Red Rocks: Sunshine to Settlers0.50 mi-197 ft-2.2%
Sunshine to Red Rocks0.21 mi128 ft11.4%
Flag Loop Eben G Fine to Overlook0.89 mi535 ft11.3%
Flagstaff Trail to overlook0.99 mi5,974 ft10.4%
Flagstaff: Climb 20.10 mi75 ft13.8%
Flagstaff: Climb 40.30 mi187 ft11.7%
Flagstaff: Climb 50.26 mi125 ft7.4%
RMR Monday Ranger Trail Junction to Ridge0.28 mi312 ft20.6%
RMR Green Mtn Segment 50.21 mi240 ft21.5%
RMR Green Mtn Segment 60.47 mi505 ft20.2%
Green Mt West Ridge Final Push0.17 mi223 ft24.2%
Down from Green Mountain0.49 mi-489 ft-18.6%
Green Mountain to Bear Peak via Green-Bear & West Ridge3.93 mi1,270 ft1.5%
Green Mountain -> Green Bear/Bear Peak West Ridge Junction1.79 mi-902 ft-9.5%
Down Green Bear Interval0.51 mi-105 ft-3.8%
Down Green-Bear to Intersection 1.36 mi-417 ft-5.8%
Bear West Ridge from Saddle (GPS drift)1.68 mi1,138 ft12.8%
Bear West Ridge - Green-Bear Saddle to Summit1.78 mi1,135 ft12.1%
Bison Dr Climb0.62 mi341 ft10.3%
Fern Canyon Trail Climb0.29 mi161 ft10.2%
Bear Peak West Ridge Final Push to the Summit (Steep Ascent Part)0.38 mi620 ft30.2%
Bear -> SoBo0.62 mi371 ft2.3%
SoBo Peak Final Sprint0.23 mi367 ft29.3%
Shadow Canyon Descent from Saddle1.24 mi-1,631 ft-24.9%
Shadow Canyon Descent1.95 mi-1,978 ft-19.1%
Shadow Canyon descent to Lower Big Bluestem1.60 mi-709 ft-8.0%
Shadow Canyon descent to S Mesa2.40 mi-958 ft-7.4%