Cycling Route

60.99 mi
2,462 ft
Italian themed run to Cafe Como in Brent Eleigh. If you want a shorter run, then stop at Como after 26 miles and miss out the extra "Sicily loop".
Created By
The Wheeler
February 6, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cycle Path Assent0.37 mi89 ft4.4%
mount road hill0.61 mi102 ft2.5%
Past the BSE Appledowns0.29 mi33 ft-2.1%
Green Lane1.18 mi43 ft-0.6%
Green lane complete0.68 mi16 ft-0.3%
New Road Grind0.89 mi43 ft0.7%
ToB 2015 Unofficial A14 overbridge KOM0.31 mi13 ft0.8%
Climb to Church lane0.33 mi36 ft2.0%
Church Ln Rougham0.57 mi20 ft-0.4%
Linkwood Rd0.72 mi66 ft1.7%
Linkwood Rd Climb0.41 mi269 ft12.2%
Nudge it to the Water Tower1.00 mi43 ft0.8%
DOWNHILL TO THORPE0.90 mi82 ft-1.6%
mont thorpe morieux0.43 mi62 ft2.6%
Dale Road dash1.03 mi72 ft-0.9%
Huck it up towards Hitcham0.54 mi33 ft0.2%
Bit of a downer0.36 mi49 ft-2.6%
bash it out to Brettenham Park 0.49 mi69 ft2.6%
Preston big dipper0.66 mi89 ft2.2%
Spragg's Climb0.57 mi52 ft1.8%
Milden Road0.56 mi26 ft-0.9%
Ramp from Wells Hall0.28 mi56 ft3.7%
Crossroads to 30 mph sign1.76 mi72 ft0.4%
The Waldenfield Chase1.56 mi82 ft-0.8%
Crown to wallys cafe 0.71 mi36 ft-1.0%
Rising Mile1.21 mi108 ft1.6%
Sand Pit Steep0.18 mi59 ft6.1%
Smooth 'n quick0.62 mi13 ft0.3%
B1115 bumps0.39 mi33 ft-0.2%
Downhill to Brent eleigh0.54 mi95 ft-2.7%
Turning for Brent0.42 mi39 ft1.7%
Brent Eleigh to Lavehnam1.50 mi59 ft0.8%
Prest-on0.76 mi59 ft1.2%
Is this the way to Thorpe Morieux?0.68 mi75 ft1.9%
Just the Hill to Thorpe Morieux0.32 mi66 ft3.8%
On the Button0.19 mi23 ft2.4%
THE GAUNTLET1.94 mi49 ft-0.3%
THE WHOOPS0.12 mi13 ft-1.2%
Ghost Train Climb0.27 mi10 ft0.6%
Giiiles just likes to have fun1.33 mi23 ft-0.1%
Bell's Lane Descent1.09 mi135 ft-1.9%
Bull Ln Pinford End1.19 mi151 ft2.4%
whepstead to a1431.71 mi102 ft0.4%
Old School Climb0.28 mi43 ft2.8%
Proper Westley Lane1.26 mi144 ft-1.4%
Westley Lane0.65 mi69 ft-1.8%
Westley Hill 0.14 mi43 ft5.0%
Climb up to flemying Rd0.20 mi43 ft3.8%
Risbygate St BSE blast0.37 mi26 ft-1.2%
Eastgat St Climb0.44 mi33 ft1.1%