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Buffalo Lodge Bike the Garden Club (basic loop)

Cycling Route

6.62 mi
568 ft
Leaving Tuesday Evenings 6pm from the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort. Enter Garden through Trading Post and ride around the Garden following nice wide bike lane. Watch for tourists pulling off into bike lane. Finish ride with a victory lap around the Buffalo Lodge. Track the number of times you ride the Garden Tuesday nights for recognition at 10xs, 100xs, & 1000xs around the Park. Bonus Hillclimb Options Available. Join Club Buff Bike Tribe on Strava, Facebook and
Created By
Torie Jennings Giffin

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Buffalo Lodge Bike the Garden Club (basic loop)6.59 mi344 ft0.0%
Trading Post to Juniper Way Turn1.06 mi207 ft3.7%
Uphill #1 GOG from trading post0.29 mi112 ft7.1%
Uphill #2 GOG from trading post0.36 mi115 ft5.8%
Juniper Way loop CCW2.36 mi184 ft0.1%
GOG - Turn It Up0.66 mi-89 ft-2.4%
Garden, Last little Climb0.17 mi33 ft3.6%
Power Party!0.16 mi39 ft4.3%
Garden 1st climb... 0.57 mi161 ft5.3%
Northern Garden - Upper Climb0.22 mi72 ft6.2%
Formula One0.84 mi-200 ft-4.3%
Titty milk dh0.36 mi-108 ft-5.6%
Garden Kicker0.10 mi33 ft5.6%
garden chicane0.15 mi-39 ft-4.7%