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Cycling Route

79.64 km
1,218 m
Created By
Exeter Wheelers

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Old Tiv Road Uphill0.54 km9 m1.6%
Union sprint reverse0.56 km-6 m-0.7%
Prince of Wales reverse1.21 km-31 m-2.1%
Prince of Wales downhill0.54 km-26 m-4.9%
To the Horse Trough0.50 km-15 m-2.4%
Uni to Cowley1.72 km-18 m-0.6%
Round the bend0.38 km-10 m-2.6%
Take you to the cleaners0.54 km-1 m-0.0%
Over the River0.71 km20 m2.4%
Cowley sprint reverse0.47 km13 m2.2%
Cowley Bridge to Tescos7.99 km42 m0.3%
Newbridge Hill0.81 km41 m4.8%
newton st cyres to the crown of crediton4.84 km25 m0.2%
Newton Straight heading north0.95 km-12 m-0.9%
Crediton to Barnstaple Cross3.57 km86 m2.4%
Barnstaple Cross Hill1.73 km57 m3.2%
Manley Smells of Wee2.74 km-37 m-0.6%
Knowl rise into Copplestone1.30 km19 m0.3%
Appledore Hill0.92 km72 m7.8%
EFR - Classic Climb 2.19 km57 m2.6%
Okehampton - Whiddon Down9.32 km95 m0.7%
Petrolpath2.41 km-49 m-1.5%
Sticklezeal Short Riser0.48 km21 m4.3%
Sticklepath hill lower1.38 km49 m3.5%
Addiscott to WD sprint 1.78 km-6 m-0.2%
Whiddon Down segment0.85 km-27 m-3.0%
Whiddon Down Blitz1.23 km-27 m-2.1%
Don't look down0.56 km6 m0.6%
Whiddon to Poccombe Bridge21.34 km-209 m-0.9%
A30 to Crockenwell0.38 km18 m4.4%
Whiddon Down to Cheriton Bishop 5m7.84 km-123 m-0.8%
Grind 2.62 km-46 m-1.7%
Give us all you got scotty!!5.12 km-54 m-1.0%
Flat & Fast1.70 km-31 m-1.6%
A 30 Bridge to Cheriton3.70 km-78 m-0.9%
Down from Crockernwell0.78 km-47 m-6.0%
Cheriton Bishop Climb1.19 km51 m4.3%
End of Cheriton to begining of Tedburn3.51 km-86 m-2.4%
Smash3.90 km-64 m-1.5%
Westwater Sprint0.71 km-30 m-1.0%
Tedburn climb0.49 km23 m4.5%
Six Mile Hill to Pocombe8.85 km-102 m-1.0%
Over the top sprint0.64 km-37 m-5.7%
Top of Pathfinder to B3212@Pocombe5.75 km-102 m-1.8%
travellers rest to swains3.45 km-28 m-0.8%
This bit that way1.76 km-19 m-0.8%
Sprint!0.28 km-3 m-1.0%
Pocombe Hill, Exeter0.40 km38 m9.2%
Fore Street Up0.38 km27 m7.0%
John Lewis to Odeon0.44 km4 m0.1%