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Buffalo Lodge Bike the Garden Club (bonus hill climb loop)

Cycling Route

9.91 mi
1,048 ft
This bonus hill climb loop builds on our Garden of the Gods basic loop entering the park through Beckers Lane past the Trading Post hitting all of the amazing hill climbs the Garden has to offer adding 3 detours down and back up Ridge Road, out to the main entrance and back finally detouring past Balanced Rock down Garden Lane and back up, then back to the Trading Post to the Lodge with a bonus victory lap around the lodge parking lot to get you that much closer to hitting 10 miles.
Created By
Torie Jennings Giffin

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Trading Post to Juniper Way Turn1.06 mi207 ft3.7%
Uphill #1 GOG from trading post0.29 mi112 ft7.1%
Uphill #2 GOG from trading post0.36 mi115 ft5.8%
GOG - Turn It Up0.66 mi-89 ft-2.4%
Ridge Rd - North Side kicker0.11 mi46 ft7.3%
ridge rd dh with breaking room0.48 mi-164 ft-6.4%
Ridge Rd0.65 mi220 ft6.3%
Ridge Road steep section0.26 mi118 ft8.5%
RIdge Rd to top of Juniper Way Kicker1.04 mi236 ft4.3%
Garden, Last little Climb0.17 mi33 ft3.6%
Power Party!0.16 mi39 ft4.3%
In-n-Out (the Garden)3.03 mi-279 ft-0.3%
Garden Power Test0.96 mi217 ft3.9%
GoG Climb #10.88 mi226 ft4.6%
Bos Godly Bump0.11 mi46 ft7.5%
Garden 1st climb... 0.57 mi161 ft5.3%
GoG - Power to the Rock2.25 mi-282 ft-0.2%
Northern Garden - Upper Climb0.22 mi72 ft6.2%
GOG - top of first climb to B-Rock1.76 mi-279 ft-1.9%
Juniper Wy to Balanced Rock1.78 mi-246 ft-1.9%
Formula One0.84 mi-200 ft-4.3%
Titty milk dh0.36 mi-108 ft-5.6%
Garden Dr to Balanced Rock1.29 mi-171 ft-1.5%
Garden Kicker0.10 mi33 ft5.6%
garden chicane0.15 mi-39 ft-4.7%
Sneaky little balanced rock climb (Wattage Bazooka!!!)0.22 mi95 ft7.6%
Move gapers! we have a speed limit to break...0.30 mi-118 ft-7.2%
Balanced Rock Climb from Hwy 240.34 mi75 ft3.7%