Ro: Russellville 20

Cycling Route

22.33 mi
1,567 ft
Created By
Bo Kristensen

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Gilbert St South to Plum Creek0.98 mi52 ft1.0%
Gilbert Street, South Street To Plum Creek Parkway0.97 mi52 ft1.0%
Haystack Dr Climb0.95 mi282 ft5.6%
Lake Gulch Road leaving Castle Rock3.45 mi486 ft2.6%
Gulchy to CVP1.44 mi112 ft1.4%
PC to 839.24 mi594 ft1.1%
Lake Gulch Climb0.32 mi141 ft8.1%
Lake Gulch just the climb1.78 mi338 ft3.6%
S Lake Gulch Rd Climb1.27 mi266 ft3.9%
Lake Gultch E. Climb2.32 mi338 ft2.5%
S Lake Gulch Climb (WB)0.74 mi184 ft4.6%
SLG to CR1.02 mi-266 ft-4.9%
Lake Gulch Sprint - Ridge to Plum Creek3.40 mi-459 ft-2.6%
Gilbert Street "Sprint": northbound from Plum Creek Parkway to South Street0.92 mi-82 ft-1.6%