Past Two Weeks
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MSTC Standard Bike Route

Cycling Route

35.33 km
547 m
Created By
Steve M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ardingly Pre-Prep to College Rd0.44 km8 m0.8%
River Ouse Up Hill to Copyhold Turning0.35 km11 m1.3%
College Road0.88 km44 m4.9%
High Beech Ln Climb (Heading South)0.29 km11 m2.4%
High Beech Ln Descent0.74 km-33 m-4.1%
Sunte Sprint0.38 km-10 m-2.6%
Warriors Way0.91 km-10 m-0.1%
Witch Sunte Sprint0.69 km8 m0.9%
Out of Lindfield0.70 km-23 m-3.1%
Ardingly Road Climb1.18 km51 m4.3%
9 Km Drag 8.59 km145 m1.7%
Up towards Ardingly2.43 km37 m0.9%
Stonecross to Burstowhill1.07 km-14 m-1.1%
Ardingly Bottom to Turners Top9.04 km106 m0.9%
Uphill through Ardingly8.43 km104 m1.1%
Burstowhill to Cob Lane1.65 km41 m2.5%
Burstowhill to Selsfield Road Junction6.35 km93 m1.5%
Final up to the village, yarp0.51 km23 m4.4%
Ardingly Road Climb5.09 km68 m1.3%
Ardingly High St. Up0.41 km8 m2.1%
Ardingly to Turners Hill6.46 km67 m0.8%
Cob Lane to Selsfield Road Junction4.33 km56 m1.3%
Wakehurst to Selsfield Road2.68 km47 m1.6%
Wakehurst to Selsfield Common2.90 km50 m1.4%
Fork to the pustule1.32 km-30 m-1.9%
Little Grunt 0.43 km19 m3.8%
Turners Hill and Round The Corner 0.54 km22 m3.9%
Turners Hill S-N0.20 km16 m7.6%
Descent of Back Lane2.66 km-62 m-2.3%
Stone Drop0.63 km-35 m-5.5%
Stoney Lane to B20360.64 km46 m6.6%
Balcombe: The Ouse Valley, The Heath 6.72 km-74 m-0.2%
Balcombe and Out2.46 km43 m1.5%
into Balcombe0.47 km18 m2.7%
Balcombe to HH6.27 km-81 m-0.8%
Balcombe Sign to Haywards Heath Sign4.56 km-81 m-0.7%
Viaduct Descent1.91 km-77 m-4.0%
Viaduct climb0.35 km28 m6.9%
Borde Hill Bumps2.29 km40 m1.6%
Up'n'Over0.40 km24 m5.4%
Powpow0.43 km14 m3.1%
Get your knee down bridge bend1.05 km-32 m-3.0%
Balcombe road0.96 km-31 m-3.1%
Gander Hill0.25 km9 m3.7%
High Beech Lane0.67 km34 m5.0%
Roundwood to Sandridge0.41 km30 m7.1%
College Rd to Ardingly Pre-Prep0.42 km-11 m-1.4%