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Get Off My Land! Mk2

Cycling Route

94.62 km
1,549 m
Created By
Luke Clark (The 5th Floor)

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cadence 2 lidl1.89 km-62 m-3.3%
the drop0.63 km-44 m-6.0%
Crystal Palace to Croydon Road3.20 km-79 m-2.3%
Down to Anerley Station1.04 km-51 m-4.9%
Station down to Thicket Road0.39 km-10 m-2.5%
Ancaster Road Climb0.48 km7 m0.7%
Tesco roundabout to firestation lights.1.52 km11 m0.6%
Shirley Hills Climb3.12 km93 m3.0%
Shirley Rd Climb1.28 km22 m1.7%
Shirley Road Up0.82 km12 m1.5%
Trinity Hill0.42 km8 m1.9%
Shirley Roundabout to Shirley Hill Road1.25 km60 m4.7%
Oaks Rd to Birch Hill0.60 km28 m4.5%
burntwood - the downhill0.55 km-52 m-9.4%
Wapses to Woldingham Viaduct0.68 km9 m1.0%
Woldingham Viaduct to Woldingham GS Tunnel0.75 km12 m1.2%
Woldingham GS Tunnel to top barrier3.51 km60 m1.7%
Railway Tunnel to Convent Sprint1.61 km26 m1.5%
School drive climb1.12 km27 m2.2%
Quarry Rd Humps0.50 km-16 m-3.1%
Gangers Hill (from Hairpin)0.73 km63 m8.6%
Tan hill down1.72 km-109 m-6.2%
Sketchy when wet0.34 km-39 m-11.2%
Tandridge Hill descent0.72 km-74 m-10.2%
Hurst Green Road0.32 km13 m3.6%
Full Hosey Hill (from South)2.41 km57 m2.3%
Hosey Common Road (from south)0.75 km47 m6.3%
Hosey Hill Sprint0.22 km25 m11.2%
South Brook Rise0.37 km14 m3.6%
Memorial Sprint0.28 km9 m3.1%
45mph2.70 km-133 m-4.9%
Brasted Hill into Pilgrims1.83 km50 m2.7%
Brasted Hill2.18 km113 m5.1%
Brasted steep1.03 km78 m7.6%
Brasted Hill 1.33 km102 m7.6%
Brasted - 1931 Hill Championship (EW Hussey 1:54)0.60 km74 m12.3%
Cudham Lane to Green St Green6.22 km-152 m-2.4%
Cudham Ln Sth - Main Rd to Newbarn Ln turn2.16 km-54 m-2.4%
Church Hill Climb0.96 km106 m11.1%
Cudham Lane downhill3.18 km-97 m-3.0%
Show me your sprint!0.33 km-3 m-1.0%
HighStClimb0.40 km16 m3.8%
Green Man Gallop0.70 km7 m0.0%
Chew On Those Bars. 0.67 km21 m3.2%
Downs Hill0.56 km23 m4.1%
Tyson rd climb0.18 km10 m5.5%
Canonbie Road - 18% Road Sign0.12 km15 m11.2%
Peckham Rye (E. Dulwich Rd. -> Rye Ln.)0.46 km-7 m-1.6%
Rye Lane sprint0.53 km-4 m-0.7%
Willow Walker Sprint0.45 km-1 m-0.0%