Past Month

Belvoir Hilly 20

Cycling Route

20.16 mi
1,144 ft
Created By
Ruth Russell VBCC

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Woolsthorpe Road to Belvoir Castle1.09 mi171 ft2.9%
Woolsthorpe Hill JCM1.08 mi167 ft2.9%
Belvoir's left at the top1.11 mi171 ft2.9%
Woolsthorpe Road / Belvoir Castle0.50 mi118 ft4.5%
Belvoir Castle Hill0.48 mi112 ft4.3%
Woolsthorpe Steep bit JCM0.26 mi105 ft7.4%
Decent Descent1.29 mi-190 ft-2.7%
woolsthorpe hill0.90 mi197 ft3.6%
Woolsthorpe Hill0.66 mi200 ft5.4%
Woolsthorpe climb after the junction0.42 mi161 ft6.9%
Woolsthorpe Climb0.34 mi154 ft8.4%
Denton Straight1.38 mi-135 ft-1.8%
Denton - knipton3.95 mi207 ft0.9%
I Have a Dent in my Harston1.64 mi98 ft1.1%
Harston to Knipton1.34 mi-112 ft-1.5%
Knipton Hill (from junction)0.86 mi200 ft4.3%
knipton hill in FULL1.03 mi207 ft3.8%
Knipton0.82 mi190 ft4.4%
Down and Up again0.69 mi33 ft0.4%
AƐƖ Big Dipper0.28 mi36 ft0.2%
On the power and drive!0.20 mi36 ft2.7%
Belvoir Road Smash2.00 mi23 ft0.1%
S Club0.61 mi-52 ft-0.2%
all downhill to Lion1.61 mi-256 ft-2.8%
Stathern downhill deluxe 0.81 mi-240 ft-5.6%
Mill hill descent0.66 mi-236 ft-6.7%
Top of Stathern to Long Lane three ways (1)1.41 mi-292 ft-3.9%
Be brave on the bends!!0.75 mi-226 ft-5.7%
Stathern stonker0.29 mi-125 ft-8.0%
To Harby in a hurry0.48 mi-43 ft-1.6%
Canal Lane to Plungar2.01 mi52 ft0.0%
Redmile Run3.70 mi-62 ft-0.1%
Harby Lane Climb0.73 mi23 ft0.5%
Barkestone Blast0.68 mi-36 ft-1.0%
Redmile Canal Bump0.11 mi39 ft5.5%