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N'berth M'clochog, Bwlch, Nev,Newport, BM, M'cloch, N'berth

Cycling Route

46.2 mi
5,159 ft
Created By
Julie B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Gaer Wood to Bethesda0.75 mi207 ft5.2%
climb past the farm3.55 mi561 ft3.0%
Gelli to Maenclochog4.32 mi574 ft2.4%
Mynydd Preseli Northbound7.77 mi1,211 ft3.0%
B4313 Climb1.62 mi351 ft4.1%
Up to Y Bwlth1.46 mi272 ft3.4%
Rosebush Sprint0.51 mi-43 ft-0.7%
new inn to top of preseli1.57 mi551 ft6.6%
The Descent0.82 mi-328 ft-7.5%
B4582 Climb0.87 mi266 ft5.7%
Never say Nevern0.41 mi171 ft7.8%
Glas-Pant to Newport bridge2.89 mi-489 ft-3.2%
Newport express1.54 mi-322 ft-4.0%
Ffordd Bedd Morris Climb2.44 mi866 ft6.7%
Bedd Morris1.85 mi758 ft7.7%
Fford Bedd Morris2.00 mi728 ft6.8%
bedd morris after the junction to carpark1.83 mi699 ft7.2%
Out of Pontfaen0.08 mi82 ft19.0%
B4313 Climb0.57 mi269 ft8.8%
RB Reservoir0.34 mi121 ft6.8%
The dash home!1.45 mi-246 ft-3.1%
Maen descent0.98 mi-154 ft-3.0%
Maenclog to Gelli Descent4.18 mi-577 ft-2.6%
Maen2Narb8.76 mi-581 ft-0.7%
Gelli to Bethesda T junction1.09 mi272 ft4.6%
B4313 Hump2.50 mi-246 ft-0.1%
Gelli to Bethesda hill0.37 mi203 ft10.4%
Gelli0.49 mi56 ft2.1%
B4313 Hill To Redstone0.94 mi243 ft4.6%