Wicken Fen

Cycling Route

56.23 mi
1,765 ft
Created By
The Wheeler
August 7, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Churchgate Street0.19 mi20 ft1.9%
Kings Rd BSE0.10 mi20 ft3.3%
Westley Xrds0.99 mi82 ft1.6%
A Giant leap from Westlee to Little Sax....1.62 mi105 ft0.8%
Barrow to Dalham3.71 mi33 ft-0.2%
Barrow to Dunstall Green Road1.99 mi46 ft0.4%
Long drop into Dalham1.25 mi190 ft-2.9%
Dalham to Ashley1.27 mi161 ft2.4%
Past the pub :(0.21 mi59 ft5.3%
Dalham Rd Up0.46 mi85 ft3.3%
Dalham Road0.96 mi92 ft1.6%
Up Chevely High Street to the turn0.39 mi39 ft2.0%
Chevely to Dullingham4.27 mi148 ft-0.2%
Little downhill0.82 mi72 ft-1.7%
Woodditton road to Stetchworth Park1.22 mi112 ft0.6%
Bump to Stetchworth Park0.52 mi108 ft4.0%
Stetchworth Parkl to B10610.58 mi33 ft0.4%
Stetchworth sprint bump0.12 mi33 ft5.0%
Dullingham to A13041.86 mi105 ft-0.7%
Up out of Dullingham0.26 mi56 ft3.8%
Dullingham Station Hill0.35 mi62 ft3.3%
Polo Club Descent0.81 mi79 ft-1.8%
Flat Out0.64 mi49 ft-1.4%
The Empire Strikes Jack0.72 mi56 ft-1.3%
Swaffham Heath Road2.28 mi82 ft-0.4%
Heath Rd A14 to Swaffham Bulbeck1.83 mi85 ft-0.3%
CB5 Sprint Finish (To The Sign)0.21 mi30 ft2.5%
a priori0.49 mi30 ft1.1%
Whiteway Drove to Great Drove0.38 mi7 ft-0.3%
blast to the bridge0.45 mi23 ft0.4%
upware road North1.60 mi7 ft-0.0%
Wicken 2 soham1.85 mi20 ft-0.0%
No ditch0.58 mi10 ft-0.3%
No Ford now.0.56 mi30 ft0.6%
To the cross road0.32 mi26 ft1.6%
Fordham turn to Tharp Arms1.29 mi23 ft0.0%
Wurzel Gummidge0.30 mi10 ft0.2%
Chippenham to La Hogue turning0.54 mi7 ft-0.1%
Chippenham to Kennett2.15 mi36 ft0.2%
Dane Hill Rd0.61 mi23 ft0.2%
Dane Hill Kennett to Crossroads0.77 mi39 ft-0.6%
Dane Hill Road to Tuddenham2.45 mi49 ft-0.3%
Drummond to Upton Sprint0.19 mi3 ft-0.2%
Tud-to-Cav2.04 mi26 ft0.2%
Cavenham to Risby Turn 4.51 mi157 ft0.4%
Sweeping heights0.71 mi82 ft2.2%
Risby Crem burst0.64 mi33 ft-0.6%
escape the crem0.35 mi20 ft-0.6%
*uck a duck!0.37 mi20 ft-0.6%
Eastgat St Climb0.44 mi33 ft1.1%