Beehive - Blo Norton

Cycling Route

47.58 mi
1,490 ft
Created By
The Wheeler
August 15, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
mount road hill0.61 mi102 ft2.5%
Cycle Path Assent0.37 mi89 ft4.4%
Past the BSE Appledowns0.29 mi33 ft-2.1%
Mount Rd RAB to AD 20.20 mi30 ft-2.7%
Cycle path blast to road 1.01 mi23 ft0.0%
East Barton Road0.58 mi16 ft-0.2%
Green lane complete0.68 mi16 ft-0.3%
Pakenham Dash1.13 mi13 ft0.1%
Roman Road, Pakenham1.01 mi39 ft-0.3%
Pakenham to Ixworth sprint1.52 mi49 ft-0.6%
Ixworth High St0.41 mi49 ft2.1%
The Last Corner0.07 mi3 ft1.2%
A1088 to Knox Lane1.21 mi52 ft-0.8%
bowbeck hill0.35 mi52 ft2.8%
Norwich Lane1.91 mi13 ft-0.1%
Knettleshall downhill1.74 mi75 ft-0.8%
Boucher Blat0.48 mi7 ft0.2%
The Street Climb0.67 mi384 ft10.9%
the street actual climb0.24 mi33 ft2.7%
The Street1.70 mi56 ft0.2%
Covert Beetball Doubler2.69 mi105 ft0.7%
triangle overt0.98 mi82 ft1.6%
Harling Beetball Run1.17 mi52 ft0.8%
North to South Lopham1.44 mi33 ft-0.4%
The Blower1.38 mi36 ft-0.3%
windmill sprint0.81 mi33 ft-0.5%
Up to t' Phone Box0.25 mi20 ft1.3%
The Road to Nowhere Reverse1.70 mi79 ft0.7%
Wattisfield burner0.27 mi49 ft3.3%
A143 across, up and around0.07 mi23 ft5.8%
Chapel rd to Walsham rd0.19 mi7 ft0.7%
The street0.34 mi10 ft0.3%
Walsham To Badwell 1.16 mi56 ft-0.4%
Causeway Church Climb.0.22 mi26 ft2.3%
Causeway all the way0.20 mi39 ft3.3%
Four ashes to badwell1.00 mi49 ft-0.9%
Richer Rise0.53 mi39 ft1.1%
Elmswell to Norton Straight0.94 mi7 ft0.1%
Gallop to the Dog0.87 mi30 ft-0.5%
Speedtrap sprint East!0.14 mi16 ft-2.0%
Norton Road River Sprint0.48 mi10 ft-0.3%
Tostock torture0.83 mi92 ft1.9%
Norton Burner0.27 mi75 ft5.2%
Over A140.99 mi36 ft-0.2%
Beyton Burn2.20 mi52 ft0.3%
Climb to Church lane0.33 mi36 ft2.0%
Church Ln Rougham0.57 mi20 ft-0.4%
Audi to John Banks0.30 mi7 ft0.4%
Symonds road downhill0.34 mi56 ft-3.0%
Shakers lane climb to red bridge0.15 mi7 ft0.8%